Will Microsoft Surface Prove to be a tough competitor in the tablet market?

Microsoft Surface can be a tough competitor as it caters to customer needs and follows the new trends of the market. Basically, it has many cool features meant for reaching the potential audience. So, let’s start from the screen display. Microsoft Surface features a large 10.6-inch display and has an aspect ratio of 16:9 which is used in HDTVs. Thereby providing great picture quality and clarity in visuals. It is also a thinner device with a perfect keyboard and includes several office applications.

Microsoft Surface uses either Windows 8 or Windows RT operating system which is a unique aspect. It features a three millimeter detachable cover that also works as a keyboard. This keyboard can be connected to the tablet through a magnetic hinge. It is available in striking colors like orange, aqua, pink, and black. Another attractive feature is that the keyboard features no mechanical keys; it has touch sensitive keys which responds much quickly than a traditional keyboard. The keyboard also features a kickstand which can help you work comfortably. You can place the keyboard screen in appropriate position and work perfectly by placing the tablet on the table.

Microsoft Surface has a stiffer and lighter case which is made of magnesium. It has a fabricated surface called VaporMg which makes the tablet solid enough. With regard to user convenience, Microsoft Surface is perfect in all respects as it is easy to use. You can create and get all your work done through office applications. It also includes the Windows 8 apps which can help you explore more and enjoy various features. You can listen to new songs, view movies with high quality visuals, and also play exciting games from the Windows store. So, go ahead and get the Microsoft Surface tablet for meeting all your needs.


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