Why You Should Consider A Career In SEO

Why You ShouWhy You Should Consider A Career In SEOld Consider A Career In SEO

Search engine optimization is highly sought after field in digital marketing. According to one study, some 67% SMEs are involved practicing SEO. But you cannot learn SEO at a college or a university and there is course/degree offered in this regard.

Upon inquiring fellow search engine marketers, how they came to be an SEO, the answers are a bit of this and a bit of that. Never definite as to what course of action they undertook in becoming an SEO. So before we highlight why you should choose a career in SEO, we would like to tell why people are skeptical of it, first.

It’s Too Dynamic

Google owns an estimated 64% of desktop search queries and other 84% of the mobile search queries in the US. Thus, it is akin to being a Google expert which is a turn off for many people. Because Google releases algorithm updates every month and to keep up is no cakewalk.

If a field cannot be standardized it cannot be taught at a college level.

It’s Hard To Measure

Since SEO is an organic practice it is hard to quantify. Consequently, hard to manipulate. Analytics and metric tools are a great way to measure SEO but require daily monitoring to keep your campaign in check.

It’s Case By Case

SEO varies on a case by case basis. An SEO campaign designed for B2B will be completely different from that crafted for a B2C industry. Therefore, you cannot teach something like that in school. SEO’s so-called best practices are constantly experiencing change and technological standards are not in harmony either.

Now on to the reasons why SEO should be a considered a career in. Here goes.

You Love Words

Majors such as English and journalism degrees do not sit too well with the general public these days partly because the team that drives current media are from arts and writing backgrounds. Another reason is that these degrees and majors have become too old and offers nothing new.

The market has become saturated with individuals carrying journalism degrees or with English majors. It’s just too crowded, you see. A lack of fresh and new ideas prevail. Since SEO is not only about communicating with search engines but relies on writing killer content as well, it offers a much-needed breather to those who seek to learn and make careers that defy conventions.

And hence, the phrase “Content is King”!

You’re Analytical

If you are a fan of data manipulation, then SEO is a perfect fit for you. Although, words are a crucial component of SEO but so are numbers. An analytical mind is hard to be trained so if you feel, this is your strongest suit might SEO as a career a shot!

You’ve Got An Eye For Design

As an SEO you are not just doing your SEO thingy but you are also keeping mind the visitor presence on your website which does not deal only in the technicalities but also in the overall look and feel of the website. User experience (UX) is at the helm of web design so you need to factor in design elements as well in for your SEO effort to be successful.

Author Bio:

Jonathan Kost is an SEO by profession and is involved with renowned ecommerce website development store. He loves to write in his leisure time. You can get in touch with him by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.