Why High-Speed Internet Improves Business Marketing

Why High Speed Internet Improves Business MarketingSimply ask any business that is dedicated to launching a full marketing campaign what their top priority is, and they will tell you that social media is the bulk of their driving power. Facebook and Twitter are still the main social media platforms that businesses use to promote their brand and services. Both of these entities have a number of uses. Really, they function as beer and mixed nuts—they just compliment each other really well. But without a high-speed Internet connection, companies might as well fire at their targets while blindfolded.
Fighting off your limitations
Some business owners are under the misconception that simply having the Internet means they can work online. Look at it this way, if your goal was to leave Los Angeles and reach Las Vegas would you leave with half a tank of gas in your car? Internet speed is the petrol that fuels your ability to work effectively, “quickly”, and reach your goal’s destination. Some aspects of social media will be disabled if your Internet speed isn’t capable of supporting those functions. By investing in an ethernet connection for businesses you will have cutting edge technology that will boost your productivity and overall performance to help keep you at the top of your marketing game.
When using social media for marketing purposes, there are a number of apps that were designed to work with Facebook that rely on high-speed Internet. For example, Vine is available in the Apple Store and is increasing in the number of downloads by businesses. This app permits a business to shoot 6 seconds of microfilm and upload the content to its Facebook business page and through Twitter. Businesses also load YouTube video to their websites and social media platforms. However, if the Internet speed is too slow, these visually stimulating marketing maneuvers will be lost.
The proof is in the business pudding
How important is high-speed Internet to business? Just look at some of the problems businesses are facing where high-speed Internet isn’t even available. For example, a recent article examines how high-speed Internet helps business growth and how the lack of it leaves some companies in the Stone Age. According to the head of Wisconsin’s Economic Developmental Agency, the lack of high-speed Internet in areas across the state is limiting the state’s business opportunities. The agency is quoted saying that, “not only is the availability of high-speed Internet service essential to commerce and quality of life, that service must be of the speed and quality required for today’s multiple users ranging from finding information on the web to video-conferencing, sending and receiving large amounts of data”.
Without high-speed Internet a business will be stagnant. It will be limited in the number of consumers it can reach, and it’s marketing endeavors via social media platforms will go the way of the Dodo bird—extinct.
Get connected
If high-speed Internet is available in your area and you aren’t taking advantage of it, you are not taking your business very seriously. Call a few high-speed Internet providers and see how their service can make yours more efficient.
Image source: http://img.infoincrement.com/2013/03/HIgh-Speed-Internet.jpg