Why Do We Need Passwords?

Security has been a been an essential factor for the survival of mankind. Since the creation of the civilization, everyone has always been concerned about their safety. After formation of the modern world security has been taken into primary consideration. In those people started storing their valuable assets and various other necessary articles at their respective places. So, for their safety from theft and destruction people used different methods, the most common amongst them were the usage of locks, iron chains, putting thorns etc. Later on, people used high tech methods, such as strong walls, electricity barriers etc. Nowadays a very unique kind of concept is used which is known as a password. A password is a key which would open the lock for which the password has been allotted. In the world of machines and wireless connections of the world password makes it easy to secure any electronic device.

Not just devices but various personal accounts of banks lockers, social networking websites also uses password for easy access and security of individuality.

But nowadays many anti social elements have emerged who stole useful information, personal details and bank account details. By doing this, hackers cause serious destruction for the common users. So now there is a need for making strong password protection so that cyber safety would be ensured. There are many website and portal on the which we can generate a strong and more secured password for protection of our various devices and accounts. Websites of portals provides a good password which follows various parameters and generates a desirable output. A password generator should follow a few requirements to produce a desirable password for the user. The length of the password should be long enough so that it could not easily be cracked. Password generator uses various symbols, letters of upper and lower case. Not just letters we can use pictures, any face or any pattern as per our requirement.

While generating passwords we should also take some precaution into consideration such as, not using the same kind of password for at various places, not using common names of friends, families or acquaintance, never using DOB as password. Password generators are also of different kinds.

Pseudo-random number generator is a kind of password generator which includes digits to form password.ext and alphabet is also used by many generators. Cool fancy text generators are also used for making password generator attractive. So, it becomes very essential to allot a password for security. If someone ignores cyber attacks and thefts may face serious troubles. It is important to keep account safe by using password and for it use any password generator tool to make a strong or easy to remember password.

Don’t forget to change passwords frequently by using password generator tools online on the various websites.