What Have The Leading Ruby On Rails Development Companies Up Their Sleeve

Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails (RoR), a open source framework has remarkably simplified coding contributing to overall web development. It is an excellent framework strategically used for social networking sites, e-commerce websites, content and database management system. Given the enormous privileges and facilities, most of the business entities are now looking forward to hiring RoR developers to achieve an edge over their competitors.

One of the biggest advantages of using RoR developer is that they are expert in handling this framework and they make sure providing you with the best-designed website. Most importantly, working on this framework can help you save lots of time, money and resources. In addition, the website built with RoR happens to be user-friendly, interactive and convenient.

There are a number of Ruby on Rails development Companies in India using this excellent platform for designing custom application for their respective clientele. Hence, if you are looking to have a great design for your business and want it to be done as quickly as possible, you must consider hiring RoR developers. However, while hiring you might have to consider a number of things.

Expertise with Ruby on Rails:

The most important thing that must be on your consideration list is expertise of the developers with this framework. Make sure to select a custom software development company that have developers who are well versed in Ruby language. They can help develop a highly interactive and user-friendly application that will cater to your business needs.

Experience Matters:

The company must have hands-on experience in RoR based web development. Therefore, it is important to hire developers with a company that has been doing business for at least 2 years of experience. Since it is relatively a new platform, it would be a good idea to at least check the quality of the projects they have so far handled. Quality of project will give you an understanding of a company’s stand in the RoR web development industry.

Excellent Communication:

Another important factor that you need to take into consideration is the level of communication and customer support. While dealing with a company, you might require to be in touch with the company for multiple reasons. Evaluate your customer support experience at the initial stage and have an idea how you will be treated in the future. A trusted Ruby on Rails development company always focuses on the clarity and transparency and deal with the development process in a professional manner.

Check Out the Following:

  • Needless to say, the developers you are choosing must have control of your machine whether it is a laptop or a desktop. Besides, they must be comfortable with the operating system, command line and text editor.
  • Having basic internet knowledge is must, such as the Request/Response cycle. While hiring, make sure the developer has the required knowledge on the essentials of HTTP, some HTML and CSS. It would be a added advantage they have grasp on a dash of java script to spice things up.
  • Developers must be efficient in data modeling and SQL.
  • Check out if they are familiar with a version control system, such as Git.