Updates from Windows Troubling The System?

As all the users know that a majority of the system runs on Microsoft and one has to keep the system up to date, install the updates provided by the company at regular intervals. Usually, these updates are released on the Second Tuesday of every month. If the user has allowed the updates to have automatic installation usually they are updating the system without the human intervention but in some cases the auto updates do not work and hence one has to install them manually.

Hence one needs to know how to fix problems caused by windows updates. There are some steps that one can take and check that the problems can be resolved.

  • Run the check Disk: It is an imperative step one just needs to check the disk. This step will help to ensure the user that the files in the system are not corrupted as the corrupted files can create a lot of troubles for the windows. Hence it is important to know run the check disk. Follow the below instructions that can help the users.
    • Go to My computer and if there is windows 8 click on my PC.
    • There will be a new screen where you will C:// icon and have a left click on it.
    • Go to properties.
    • There will be a new window where the options of tools menu will be there. There will be error checking tab. here one needs to check now.
    • One needs to check that there is check on the box where Automatically fix the file system error is written.
    • Just restart the system now.
  • In another step just perform the system file checker
  • Have a click on the Run and open the prompt of command
  • Here one needs to click on Run as Administrator
  • Highlight the phrase as “sfc/scannow”
  • Copy the same with the help of right click
  • Now copy the same with the help of the right click
  • Now paste the same in the command prompt and enter
  • Now as soon as the file checker is done just restart the system.

In case the problem is still there follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Check for the “windows update diagnostic Hotfix” on Google.
  • Download the same on the system.
  • Run it as per the instructions provided
  • Once it is done try to auto update the system.

In case there is still problem take below-mentioned actions:

  • Check the software distribution directory and retune it
  • Here just open the command prompt and run as administrator
  • One will find a phrase here which he needs to copy. The phrase will be “net stop wuauserv, cd %systemroot%, rename SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old, net start wuauserv”
  • Paste the command to the command prompt and offer enter
  • Now the problem must be resolved. Just restart the system

In case still, the problem is their one just needs to contact the Microsoft online support system only.