Top 10 Things to Keep in Mind While Deciding a Supply Chain Strategy

There are many changes in the world of supply chain that are happening too quickly. Some strategies, that are created to rise above the changes taking place in channel structures, technology, sourcing, globalization, and the demands of customers, and to aid you in deciding on a vibrant trail to improvement.

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1. E-Auctions

The usage of technology tools to motivate online agreement bidding for an advancing variety of both indirect and direct materials.

2. Labor Administration Systems Within Distribution

A mixture of engineering mindset and software change to enhance the productivity of logistics. Labor administration systems are usually created on engineered, discreet standards for certain duties within a distribution center and thorough reporting at the single worker level against the consequential dynamic purpose time estimations for that day’s work.

3. Expend Management Prominence

This is software that will provide extremely advanced visibility to exactly what the company is spending, where they are spending, and what vendors they are spending with.

4. Demand Management and S&OP

This is a process that is usually reinforced by some level of technological equipment, of lining up the supply side and the sell side of the business around an affiliated operations and financial plan. While there are a lot of companies that have supposed operations and sales planning procedures set up, the uniform feedback is that a lot of them are far from being optimally successful. In line with the advance of S&OP is the notion of demand management, in which marketing, sales, the supply chain and finance all work as one to bring in sales and demand that increase revenue, other than simply reacting to the amount of demand.

5. Portals For Suppliers

This technology has been around for quite a while to moderately effortlessly assimilate suppliers within increasingly practical web portals. The opportunity of activities is fairly broad, from providing demand visibility, to purchase order management, to bar code label generation to advance ship notice, to producing energetic incoming delivery needs.

6. Network Optimization

The use of software for network optimization is to find the ideal balance between service and costs in the formation of a businesses network of supply chain. More and more, these tools are becoming used more deliberately than they were in the past, supporting new product introductions, global sourcing strategies, operations and sales planning, and more short term stock planning options. A multitude of factors is turning this into a popular category these days, and the usage cases are altering.

7. Transportation Management Systems

These are software systems that allow distributors to automate execution and planning, link electronically with carriers, along with reduce the costs of freight through optimal method assortment, shipment consolidation, use of constant moves, and optimal carrier assignment.

8. Global/Strategic Sourcing

The usage of a more consolidated, integrated approach to procurement and selection of supplier, along with evaluating the total costs of supply chain, and combining buying power. Quickly, tactical sourcing is also firmly tied to global sourcing and off-shoring strategies.

9. Wireless Within The Warehouse

While the usage of wireless/radio frequency terminals within distribution centers might be at one level a mature and highly penetrated market, it is amazing to see the number of companies that continue to use the old way of paper-based procedures in their distribution centers. This is a strategy that is becoming very simple to implement.

10. Dock Door Scheduling and (YMS) Yard Management Systems

These are software tools, that are either implemented either in conjunction with TMS or WMS or stand-alone, and they provide visibility into the yard stock and optimize execution and appointment scheduling on outbound or inbound dock doors. This category has been seeing exceptional growth in the past few years. These systems are very simple to justify with the changes in the environment.
Author Bio:
Written by Camia Sidle, this article explains the basic strategies that should be kept in mind when regarded to the supply chain. Companies such as advanced distribution software, makes sure that with every new technology, their strategies are either changed or simply updated to make the best of their company. With following simple steps, a business can always be successful in the end.