Top 3 Social Games of All Time

Social networking sites have completely revolutionized our way of thinking as well as our personal habits that mostly revolve around activities done in these social networks. There have been many social networks since the advent of the internet; however today, the social networking era is dominated by Facebook and Twitter.
Other networking sites that are quite popular amongst  internet users are:, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. What these networking sites have in common is that all of them allow people to remain in contact with the outside world.  They serve as being very informative for those who want to remain in touch with the happenings of the real world, while also getting entertained at the same time. Instead of keeping the sites a mere medium of contact with others, people tend to spend bulk of their time here doing different activities including reading news and playing games, etc.
Some Popular Games on Social Networking Sites
The main activity that hogs major portion of our time on these network sites is the social games..Tower Defense, Kamikaze Race, Mafia Wars, Farmville and Texas Hold’em Poker are some of the most famous games available online. What these social sites offer is the facility to compete with friends and others members of the social network. Arguably, Facebook is the most famous among all and offer the top rated games.
This benefits both the social network and the game manufacturers. These networking sites add an entertainment element within them through these games, while the titles are introduced in the market, easily, through these platforms. Following are three most popular social games of all time:
Farmville is arguably the most famous game on Facebook with over 10% of Facebook users having played this game in their lifetime. What this game provides is a virtual farm where different types of crops, fruits and vegetable can be grown. The users expand their experience over time with expanding the land they own and unlocking better crops as they level up. Different things can also be bought such as buildings, trees and animals, which also give some kind of benefit. The networking aspect is represented by neighbors where friends compete with them and also mutually help each other out.
Mafia Wars
Mafia Wars reflects a virtual criminal work where you can work your way up through the ladder in Mafia. Players can set up their own organization and recruit friends to make an organized crime unit. This game has the addiction element attached to it, and players lose while employing themselves into different jobs in the game, and fighting against mobster with the help of friends.
Texas Hold’em Poker
Texas Hold’em Poker is a very famous installment which is governed by playing possibly the most famous card game globally, poker. People here join lobbies and wait for their hands while competing with people all over Facebook. People owning Android and iOS devices can download poker game to their devices to enjoy it, on the go!