The Largest Private Insurers In Continental Europe

The constant whims of life, finances, and world markets prevent even informed consumers from searching and finding the best value available to them. This is as true of personal insurance as in any other line of business. In times of financial uncertainty in Europe, it’s always wise to follow the large insurance conglomerates to evaluate how your insurance company fares by comparison. The following information highlights the four largest private insures in Europe and demonstrates why they are widely trusted among today’s consumers.

The Largest Private Insurers In Continental Europe

AXA Insurance

The AXA insurance group is the largest and highest ranked European personal insurance agency currently on the market. Through its origins in France, the company has grown through mergers and acquisitions, developing their brand of service along the way. AXA’s personal insurance offers coverage for home, vehicle, pet, and travel plans, as well as a multitude of healthcare options.

The most common form of insurance customers gravitate towards is automotive insurance. With various incentives, such as courtesy cars, no claims discounts, and gender neutral pricing, there are plenty of options to placate the hands-on consumer.

The Largest Private Insurers In Continental Europe

Allianz Insurance Group

Allianz personal insurance is a German conglomerate that offers many forms of private coverage. The company has a vested interest in financial services, but their private insurance group is also highly recognized. The personal insurance group focuses on vehicle, legal protection, property, and casualty policies as their most common sources of business. The home insurance department of the European Allianz group offers their customers flexible options to develop policies best suited to each individual’s needs. Building, contents, and core coverage are all cornerstones of the popular Allianz home insurance plans.

The Largest Private Insurers In Continental Europe

ING Insurance

The ING European insurance conglomerate was originally developed in the Netherlands in 1845. Heavily involved in both banking and insurance, ING continues to lead the world in various categories for private coverage. The company offers life, automobile, disability, home, and travel insurance policies outside of their financial service market.

The most popular of their insurance services is travel for continuous, short term, and expansive insurance policy options. Continuous travel insurance from ING includes full comprehensive coverage for an affordable policy that both young and aging clients can appreciate. The greatest benefits most consumers enjoy with ING travel insurance policies are the discounts they can obtain by bundling their travel policy with preexisting auto or home plans.

Generali Insurance

Another large insurance provider is the Italian based Generali Group. The Generali group has developed a brand of adaptability over time. The company works within all levels of insurance, ranging from automotive policies to disability insurance and healthcare. The most popular form of private insurance they offer are their life insurance policies.

In recent years, Generali has focused on protecting an individual’s salary by making sure their life insurance premiums consistently remain affordable. For employers, the Generali group life insurance policy has provided an effective solution to help keep personal costs low while ensuring the safety of a corporation’s mobile employees.


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