The FCC Testing Process

FCC Testing

If you need a Federal Communications Commission license, you need to be prepared to go through FCC Testing. FCC regulates any interstate communication undertaken in the US through the radio, satellite, television, cable, and wire. FCC is an independent agency operating in the country for this purpose. Whether your radio transmissions are experimental in nature or satellite based, they must meet the federal rules and regulations, and this is where you need to go through this form of testing, as carried out by FCC.

The FCC Testing Process

No Exemption in Applying for FCC Testing

Anyone can apply for FCC testing, bearing in mind the fact that no one is exempted from applying for licensing. Whether you operate a general mobile business, an aircraft business, you are an amateur, you are a restricted operator, commercial operator, or a ship operator, the state allows you to apply for FCC licensing. You only receive this licensing after meeting all the requirements set in place by this independent body. The Internet has made it easy for anyone interested in FCC testing to fill out the necessary application forms online saving some time.

Any manufacturer interested in selling telecom services, or any licensed RF, as well as operators of low-powered transmitters anywhere in the U.S, must take their equipment to the FCC for testing. The FCC does not undertake the actual testing, but does so through labs it has accredited or listed. If the equipment passes the testing, it cannot be allowed to operate unless the FCC certifies it. Some of the labs permitted or accredited by FCC to carry tests, can review, and approve your application in less than 24 hours, while others may take much longer, depending on a number of factors.

Why FCC Testing is Mandatory

The reason why FCC testing is mandatory is that the government does not want anyone to use equipment that does not meet certain specifications. An example of this is the government’s very strict policy regarding equipment; that it not emitting harmful frequencies. If you wish to kick-start this process for your equipment that you intend to use for transmission purposes, you should look for the Universal Licensing System and use it to apply online. If you are unable to obtain an FCC Registration Number, referred to as FRN, your efforts will not bear fruit.

FCC Testing is Legally Backed

FCC is quite strict where the testing is concerned. If you are an amateur, FCC envisages a situation where you pre-register for the test first, before making application for the licensing. If you want a good radio frequency, there are a number of radio frequency coordinators you may consult to help you out with such a problem. If you start the application process online, it is better to complete it online. If necessary you can apply for manual forms and fill them out as fast as possible. Ensure accurate information when submitting it to FCC for approval.

Generally, FCC testing is for the betterment of the entire communication industry. It ensures that the providers of radio transmission services, as well as the listeners or end users, all have standardized and safe equipment. The test is important in ensuring that only the best equipment is certified by FCC to proceed with transmission of radio services and signals all over the U.S, and that no harmful frequencies are emitted.