Small Business Owners: Why You Can’t Afford To Miss A Single Call

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Missing phone calls is bad for business, especially for smaller businesses. In the fast-paced, modern world, it’s more important than ever to be on top of your phones, but many companies have a difficult time keeping up. That’s understandable though. No one can man the phones all the time, especially when it comes to weekend callers and customers in different timezones.

The Importance of Every Call

Small Business Owners: Why You Can't Afford To Miss A Single Call

For a small business, one big client can be the difference between the red and the black. It’s not uncommon in some industries for one customer to make up 25% or more of your billings. For an automotive repair shop, one ongoing contract servicing a company’s work vehicles could bring in thousands of dollars in revenue every month. For a startup advertising agency, landing one nationally-recognized client can pay half of your bills. What would that kind of customer mean to you, and how would you feel if you weren’t there for that call? Those aren’t the only calls that matter though. Even your average customer can grant you huge profit over the lifetime of their patronage. Customers who spread the word or frequent your shop for years to come are crucial to any business. You don’t want to lose them because they couldn’t reach someone for customer support or directions to the shop. Small businesses have it hard. The majority of them never make it to the black, so they have to jump on every opportunity that falls in their lap. As they do that, momentum will start to build, and they will begin to take off. The easiest way to kill that momentum is to not be there when a customer is in need.

Creating a Reputation

Never missing a call is the easiest way to create a positive reputation for your business. It’s a selling point, a feather in your cap, and it’s one of the simpler ones to have. You could be known for having state-of-the-art technology, easy-to-use products, competitive prices, superior style, or something else entirely. Every successful business has at least one of those characteristics, and they drive it home as a selling point, as the thing that they do better than everyone else in the market.
Most of the items on that list are expensive and troublesome to obtain, but being there when your clients need you isn’t. There’s no good reason why you can’t have better customer service and be easier to get a hold of than your competition. It’s the most affordable way you can wow your patrons and have them coming back and spreading the word.

How to Always Be There

Many business owners realize the importance of never missing a call, but they find it easier said than done. Hiring employees to answer phones around the clock is costly and impractical for a small business. Services like have risen up to fill that role for companies looking to boost their customer service efforts.
They provide phone service around the clock, so while you’re off enjoying the weekend, holiday, or vacation, your phone line is being handled by people you can trust. They will be well-versed in your business and its products, ask the questions you want asked, and, most importantly, be professional and courteous.
You don’t want your business to fail because you couldn’t get to the phone on time. Do whatever you can to avoid missing big opportunities and disappointing clients. If you find that task to be too much for you to handle on your own, then take the easy option and hire a telephone answering service. Every call is important for a small business, and it’s time you stopped missing out. Don’t let yourself miss another call again.