Shipping Of Boats and Yachts Abroad


Written by Cigisped

It may come to this that you need to ship your boat or any other yacht overseas. There are so many ways for you to do so, and the greatest way for you will be to choose our great company and enjoy boat shipping Dubai service.

Lately there has been so many various boat shipping companies but before you will decide on selecting any companies it is important to make sure that boat shipping service is licensed and certified on time.

For years various tribes in Italy and Spain have been using boat shipping for trading. There were so many goods, clothes and other important items though the channels overseas. It was actually a very reliable but not quick way to start trade with other cities and countries. The very first boats and ships were made out of oaks, and plain wood. And for those people who wanted to sail on their own smaller ships were made around this time. So, as you can see, as soon as smaller boats and ships appeared the question about its transportation raised immediately.

It was truly inconvenient to transport smaller boats using horses and carriages for that matter it was obvious that it will be better to utilizer bigger boats for transportation of smaller ones.

How does the while boat shipping works?

Well, if you want your boat to be shipped overseas or simply to the other country far away from yours then you have to fill out the form on our web-site. It is extremely important to type down the exact size if your boat, its type and the measurements in total. All you need is a professional logistic from our boat shipping company who will come up with the simplest and the most convenient plan for your boat transportation.

We want you to be aware that there are various companies that are not aimed to think of the best way, and they want you to overpay. For that matter they come with the longest way for your destination.

Can you ship my boat if it is in water right now?

By all means we can, you should not doubt us for a second. To be honest it is not essential whether your boat is on a trailer, in water or on some kind of candle we can work with any of it. If you did not know we are glad to inform you that plenty of ports have crucial facilities that are meant for international shipping of boats of various sizes.

Regardless of your exact destination we need you to specify the exact main features of your boat. This way you will be able to get a better service and quicker for sure.

However in case you got two or more boats then you ought to fill out several forms (depending on the quantity of your boats).

How can I be sure about the safety of my boat?

Our company can totally guarantee you that your boat will be transported to the destination that you need in no time and without even a tiny scratch. We do realize that our clients are important, wealthy men who truly take care of their possessions. Our team doesn`t want you to be disappointed in any way and for that matter professionals in our company are very careful and reliable people.
How much would it cost for me to ship my boat to desirable destination?

It totally depends on the following factors that you can check out below:

  • The destination, exact city or country you want us to ship your boat to
  • The total dimension of your boat and whether or not it requires a trailer
  • The location of your very boat, in case you need us to build a cradle there, if your boat is in water and it is impossible to get it out easily

There are actually several ways of shipping a boat, and we can provide you with either one.

  1. Roll on roll off transport shipping. This method is the most widely used all over the world. Usually the boat is rolled onto the deck and afterwards it is rolled off the shipping vessel when it reaches a destination.
  2. Lift on lift off shipping. By all means it can happen that the boat is huge and actually enormous so the first method does not work at all. So this way you will need a crane to lift our boat and place it in the shipping vessel. Where your boat will be put is a steady position and transported without any kind of damage at all.