Order Your Next Burger on a Tablet Computer from E La Carte

If you’ve got a touchscreen-based book computer, allowance are you’ve noticed the way it speeds up tasks like managing e-mail. Doctors and added professionals like them too, for browsing or entering advice in the workplace. And now the accessories are starting to appearance up in a added hasty setting—your bounded burger joint.

E la Carte, a Palo Alto, CA-based startup backed by Y Combinator and arresting Boston and Silicon Valley angel investors, went accessible today with technology that lets restaurant guests browse aesthetic menus, accelerate their orders to the kitchen, and pay their bill from a book computer. These aren’t iPads or Galaxy Tabs we’re talking about—they’re splash-proof, drop-proof “Presto” tablets custom-built for restaurant environments, with 18 hours of array activity and congenital acclaim agenda readers. E la Carte co-founder Rajat Suri, a above MIT student, says that in beta testing, the arrangement has baldheaded 7 account off the continuance of the boilerplate meal, acceptation restaurants can about-face over tables faster. Aloof as important, guests who use the accessories absorb 10 to 12 percent added on boilerplate (and tip better, too).

“There is not a lot of addition in restaurants. They’ve been appealing abundant the aforementioned back medieval times,” says Suri. That’s partly because alfresco engineers don’t accept how restaurants absolutely work—the backbreaking concrete environment, the abbreviate accumulation margins, and the like. But as allotment of his artefact research, Suri absolutely formed as a aide in several Cambridge, MA, restaurants, and he says he’s assured the startup has the capacity of his arrangement right.

“Within three to bristles years, you will see this technology on 80 percent of restaurant tables,” Suri says. “There are aloof too abounding advantages for restaurants not to do it.”