Oneplus 3 – The Revolution Bringer

Oneplus 3 - The Revolution Bringer

Oneplus has ultimately confirmed the discharge of Oneplus 3 this 12 months. in view that their closing launch i.e., the release of OnePlus 2, anyone was expecting Oneplus three and now after a long wait of 1 yr, we have a few statistics about the smartphone.

Oneplus three Price

Just like all other oneplus phones the price of oneplus 3 is expected to be as low as $300. Which in todays world is nothing for a smartphone. Oneplus phones are always best choice for a person on budget. Oneplus 3 will cost somewhere around $300 whereas other smartphones such as iphones cost most more, Sometimes over $1000. Which is a lot for a device which is just supposed to be used to do phone calls but dispite the fact it does much more it’s still not worth it.

OnePlus three specs


Oneplus three has been rumored to have a 3.15 GHz QuardCore Processor. Till now no smartphone has been rumored ever close to it. As it regarded impossible to maintain temperature of the sort of powerful processor in a phone however, oneplus is a large organization, and may have discovered a few manner around. Additionally, there has been a very high score seen in Antutu, and the scoring cellphone changed into registered with oneplus.

Graphical Processing Unit (gpu)

Graphical Processing Unit is one of the maximum important parts of a cellphone nowadays as it’s miles answerable for walking every graphical interface, From video games to video rendering. Oneplus 3 is anticipated to have an Adreno 620 because it’s GPU. Which is a total beast and capable of rendering some thing faster than 5x IPhone 6.

Random Access Memory

Oneplus 3 could be loaded with 6 GB of RAM. Which is lots, we have 6 GB ram in a gaming computer in recent times. As a result, we can’t genuinely consider what Oneplus 3 can be able to doing.

Internal Storage

In recent times, even an unmarried recreation needs the area of extra than a GB and ever a movie takes quite a few area. Oneplus realized that sixty-four GBs or ever 128 Gbs of space isn’t always sufficient. Therefore, Oneplus 3 may be loaded with an inner storage of 256 GBs.

Oneplus 3 Custom Os (HALOGEN)

One plus three may be going for walks a custom version of Android, which one plus has designed. The OS is called HALOGEN; It has fundamental structure of an Android telephone with some extra capabilities which include, excessive safety with multi-level encryption of information.

Other features of oneplus 3

Fingerprint Sensor – Fingerprint sensor is ultrasonic based totally which gives better outcomes that the conventional sensor. It is very correct and minimizes the possibilities of an incorrect result.

Gyro Sensor – Oneplus will simply be the usage of the standard gyro sensor in Oneplus 3 as it’s far very responsive and does it is the process well.