Office Hacks: How to Make Your Desk Clutter-Free

Cluttered desks are definitely an eyesore to many, and if you are one of those people who cannot concentrate at work because of desk clutters, then you might want to take some time off from your daily tasks and have your desk arranged. It is known that most people will work better and faster if they have a clear mind, and one thing that could help you achieve that mental calmness is through a clean and organized desk.

Yes, it is definitely not thrilling to arrange and organize your office desk but the end result should be rewarding. Once you de-clutter your desk, chances are, you will be more motivated and inspired to work, helping you accomplish your tasks much faster. You may wonder how you should start the de-cluttering, which is why these tips by outsourced HR support professionals should come in handy.

First, you have to decide when to de-clutter your desk. Once you have a date, you will have an easier time doing everything else. One of the most common problems office workers encounter when de-cluttering their office desks is that they don’t know where to start. Some may put aside some of the clutter and work on a particular area of the desk, and from there, it becomes chaotic again. One good way to start de-cluttering is to remove all the items on the desk and its drawers. This may sound a tedious job but it will save you more time and effort as you will be able to conveniently sort out the items. When you remove all the desk’s items, you can easily spot items that you no longer need.

Once you have removed all the items from your desk and its drawers, the next thing you would want to do is to determine the items that should remain and go. It is recommended to have two carton boxes or containers: one for items that must remain and one for items that must go. Put into the trash the items you think you no longer need like used papers and unimportant documents. This process is to leave your desk more room, keeping it more organized and neat.

After re-evaluating your desk’s items, the next step is to put them back in places where they should be into. However, when you do it this time, place them in good order. Put the items you often use near you so you will not have a hard time reaching them when you have to. It is also advisable to stack the drawers based on their importance. Place the drawer that holds most of your valuables on top, and the less important to the bottom. This will help you save time looking for the items you need.

Your pens, pencils, eraser, puncher, stapler, and other small office supplies should go in a container to save space and to prevent clutter. Office desks look cluttered because of small items all over the place, and the most effective way to avoid this is to place them inside a container. You may use an old mug or a pen holder, actually any cup-type container can do.

When organizing your desk you should only consider the items atop and inside your desk. Don’t forget to take care of the cables and cords around your desk. It is strongly recommended to organize them to avoid tripping over or causing an electricity-related accident. Good tools to organize your cords and cables include cable organizers and rain gutters if you want to go for an affordable alternative.

Organizing your office desk should not be complicated and full of hassle as highlighted by any outsourced HR support expert. By just following the steps provided, you can easily organize and de-clutter your desk without even sweating.