Odd Color Combinations That Can Help Website Designers Paint Their Canvas Better

The job of a web designer in internet world is that of a painter; one who adds color and life to otherwise dull ambience of virtual world. Now, that entails designers to have great sense and understanding of colors. Not only should they have a hunch about colors, but they should also try to get themselves equipped with some kind of formal education about colors and their appropriate use.

This is because colors have a language of their own and only those who are good at it, are able to express themselves in a better way using this language. Experience is definitely the biggest of teachers in this regard, but one can learn many things from others’ experience as well; and to be honest, that is how the development and progress continues in any domain. Given below are some great color combinations that can help newbie website designers in better representing different themes of their design solutions.

Purple and Green

Apparently, that does not make any sense unless one tries this unique combination out. It makes one gasp in amazement with the strong kind of affect it emanates. Now, it is not that simple as well. One needs to be very articulate in picking the right tones and shades of various colors to be painted alongside. In this case, make sure not to go for very dark purple with pale green; it won’t look pleasing. Similarly, dark purple with dark green does not look much good to eyes. The best option in this regard is to go for warm green shade with a purple shade not too dark.

Yellow and Blue

One must question themselves why not to have considered this amazing contrast of blue and yellow earlier, after getting their eyes soothed with the effect of this wonderful combination. In most of the cases, experts advise to paint blue more in the picture as compared to yellow for best effects. One need to make sure that yellow is present in appropriate proportions when using the two together.

Yellow and Purple

What!!! …. is the very first expression that comes from one’s lips when told about using this odd color combination and it remains as unbelievable for a person as anything, until one sees this color please their aesthetic cravings on a website in reality. However, appropriate shades of the two are to be chosen, making sure neither of them is too dark, and also assuring that yellow does not turn out too bright and overwhelming.

Blue and Brown

The combination of blue and brown is fast becoming a winning combination among web designers as well as people looking to paint their homes differently and prominently. This combination oddly creates a warm and appealing ambience that serves to inspire many people. With these two, lighter shades of both work together the best.

Blue and Pink

Mostly, blue is referred to be a “boy” color, while pink is seen as “girl” color. However, it is hard to imagine how wonderful effect they create when combined, until one comes across a website combining the two. Best effects are the ones created by a combination of pale pink with pale blue.


With colors, possibilities are really endless. A good web design services provider or website designer is not the one who just goes for his own instincts and wits, but the one who also pays heed to the brilliant work others around them do. So, make sure you blend in the useful information about different color combinations given above with your own hunch for colors.