Nintendo Wii

The extravagant, perhaps, extravagant and original sample of modern games consoles for today. Looking at it, at once it is believed that developers created a prefix, thinking not only of profits, but also about those who creates these profits, that is about us. Original is both design of the prefix, and the game manipulator.

Works Nintendo Wii on the basis of processor Broadway with architecture IBM PowerPC and frequency of 750 MHz. The graphic processor is called Hollywood and is developed by company AMD specially for games console Nintendo Wii. Clock frequency of its work makes 240 MHz.


Thanks to rather modest configuration Nintendo Wii costs much less than the colleagues on shop. The prefix is on sale with various sets of devices and games, the initial complete set costs from 400$, maybe, already and less, the prices for techniques decrease every day …


Separately you can buy a large quantity of extras is and game pod in the form of a gun, and boxing gloves, and even an arbalest!

Except all it you can get the container for storage of all of it, and additional cooling for the prefix (though it and not so is strongly heated, but God helps those who help).


As well as all described prefixes, Nintendo Wii connection possibility to a network has the Internet for races of updating and demo versions of games. Thanks to the unique management, each game leaving for Wii, too is unique, where still you can wave with a sword, and really wave, instead of ?????????? buttons where still you can do some shooting from an arbalest or an onions, and from the joystick the sound of a released bowstring that gives to realness to and without that to convincing enough game play is audible. There are special sports which force you to move as if you are not in a room in front of the TV, and at stadium or on a boxing ring.


In matchless game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess you can except ??????? a sword also to catch a small fish, providing a supper to yourself and game characters – to your partners. Don’t forget and about not so long ago left game on motives of an animated serial Simpson’s The Simpsons Game and about Super Paper Mario.

Cost of games is great enough, approximately 50-80$ for one copy (license games mean, further the prices are put for license games for all kinds of consoles). We will bring the high prices of games in minuses which at a prefix not so it is a lot of.


More often in minuses bring also rather poor multimedia possibilities of a prefix … But all the same, it is not necessary to forget that game consoles are intended first of all for game, and it is not necessary to search for something that unites functions of the vacuum cleaner, a coffee maker and Kalashnikov’s automatic machine – all is better for buying it separately. As they say, flies – separately, cutlets – separately.


For today Nintendo Wii is the most popular and consequently sold prefix. It should be bought both by those who only enters the world of games, and those who already strongly there.