Must-Ask Questions For Hiring An Experienced Social Media Manager

Must-Ask Questions For Hiring An Experienced Social Media Manager

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In this tech-era, living without social media is almost impossible. Similarly, social media is turning out to be a primary source of generating revenue for businesses as well. Unlike other marketing channels, social media is cost-effective and a better platform to communicate with the target audience.

Similarly, if the person you are interviewing is a real social media expert, then he must have a blog. Moreover, he won’t even mind sharing his blog address with you at all…

  • According to You Which Social Network Drives More Results?

This is where you can trick the interviewee. Practically, every social channel has its own importance and audience. If you are targeting females, then you can get more focused towards Pinterest. On the other hand, if you own a clothing brand that is solely based on images, then Instagram can turn out to be an amazing gateway for promotion.

If a candidate is able to explain the function, purpose and significance of each social platform in a same way, consider him for the next round of interview.

  • What is the Foremost Responsibility of a Social Media Manager?

Creating pages, increasing likes and producing compelling content is not just the only job of a social media enthusiast. In fact, he works as a one-man army, who takes care of social media campaigns, analyzes competitors, utilizes data and makes his decisions accordingly. Likewise, when interviewing a candidate, make sure to ask about the foremost responsibilities a social media manager gets assigned with.

Trust me this particular question will assist you to consider a candidate for the next phases of a recruitment process.

  • Do You Prefer Reading Blogs?

Internet marketing is an industry that requires a lot of creativity and innovation which only comes through continues reading. During an interview, you can ask candidate about his favorite blogs that he likes to read frequently. It is sort of a psychological question that will highlight preferences of a candidate.  And this way, you can easily get an idea about his thirst for knowledge as well.

  • Do You Know What Community Building Really Is?

Promoting a brand through social media is one thing, but making a long-term relationship with potential customers is an entirely different thing. However to establish a relationship, it is vital for a brand to strengthen its position by building a strong community.

A social media enthusiast who has years of experience in managing social channels for gigantic brands knows the tricks of creating an effective community. After analyzing your business, he won’t bother to suggest remarkable steps of building a fascinating community to drive results.

  • Why Would We Hire You?

After asking tons of questions, wind up an interview session with this mind boggling question. I strongly believe that you will hear some shocking answers in response. But, it is yet another part of a technical interview that describes a candidate’s need and intention towards the applied job.

Concluding Thoughts:

Above mentioned are the questions that will surely help you hire a creative, productive and innovative Social Media Manager for your brand. All you need to do is follow the same sequence and be confident, when asking questions. I am hundred percent sure that you will end up hiring a perfect individual for your company.

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