Michael Gove’s Project On School: Hopes To Change The Scenario Of Education

Michael Gove, Education Secretary is going to achieve the top position with the advent of new school term that includes 118 varieties of new schools. According to reliable source, the authentic kaleidoscope of new schools that are reported as school-fund is going to open their doors on next month.

Michael Gove’s Project On SchoolSource also informed that 93 among them are part of free school program of the government, while the remaining all is part of studio schools or university technical colleges (UTCs). in most of the cases, UTCs offer vocational options for high class that usually designed for the students up to 14 to 19 years of age, while on the other hand smaller institution like studio colleges offer similar kind of packages that usually have connections with related industries that would enable the colleges to provide opportunity to experience the real world of the work.

The combination of parent-led groups, teachers, faith-based organizations, and private sponsors enable the 93 free schools to offering their service. This also indicates that project of Gove is going to doubling in its size in the coming autumn. Sources informed that there are already 81 schools existed across England.

It is interesting to note that a number of schools among the new schools would offer the students the opportunity to select alternative provision especially to them who are at danger of exclusion from mainstream education.

The bilingual school proposed to open in London, would teach students both English and German from the very beginning of their student life. On the other hand, an institution in Exeter would provide their education laying emphasis on child-centered learning especially following Steiner principles, which explains children learn in different manner following different ways.

The Collective Spirit School in Oldham, greater Manchester is reported to offer non-denominational secondary education in a borough. It is worth to mention over here that there was certain criticism on the past that this type of schools is segregating religious and racial lines.

The Hackney Free School, the secondary school located in Hackney is the outcome of the proposal of Andreas Wesemann, an investment banker. This school would offer a longer school day in comparison to other normal schools.

Sources informed that most of the schools are putting final touches to their building that include Silverstone UTC, which would offer their services with the assistance of motor racing community. It is informed that students of this school would get technical assistance and hospitality related to this industry.

However, critics opined that the free schools are opened in such places where there is no need of any extra schools. They informed that free schools have swallowed up the up scarce of the cash of the government.

The leader of various parent groups informed that the selection of choice is bewildering. They opined that parents usually search for a school that is located in the nearer region in spite of the fact that what type of school it was. The spokesperson of Labor’s education, Stephen Twigg stated that presently there is a deficit of 120,000 places.

However, in the words of Gove, the schools offer enough flexibility to follow their own curriculum and provide their parents the opportunity and diversity that is the essential criterion to increase the standards of the school.