Know The Pathways To Get Canada Work Visa For Indians

Know The Pathways To Get Canada Work Visa For Indians

Canada is the lively nation to work and live and finally get settled. There are massive numbers of people that migrate to Canada every year to live and work, especially from India. If you are from India and have right skill sets, education and wondering how to apply for Canada Work Visa for Indian Citizens, then for your assistance below are the steps for immigration process which you need to complete successfully to migrate to Canada and start working.

What are the Pathways to Apply for Work Visa in Canada from India?

Well, it basically depends on your visit type, priorities and duration. You also need to decide what how you want to apply for Canada Work Visa for Indians as there two types of work visa are namely:

  • Permanent Worker Visa
  • Temporary Worker Visa

How to Apply for Temporary Work Visa for Canada from India?

If you want to work in Canada while studying there, then you need to apply for temporary work visa. The temporary work visa doesn’t grant you PR in Canada. But, there are certain situations where worker with temporary visa can apply for Canadian PR Visa.

The Temporary work visa allows you to work and live in Canada for a time period of 4 years. To work in Canada with temporary visa you are required to acquire offer of employment from recognized Employer in Canada and also a positive Labour Market Opinion issued by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

How to Apply for Permanent Work Visa from India?

Skilled workers from India who want to work in Canada on permanent basis required to apply for any of the following Canadian Immigration Programs:

  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (Express Entry System)
  • Provincial Nominee Program

All these programs will provide you the opportunity to opt for the permanent residency in Canada after successfully completing 3 years in Canada as permanent worker.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program

This is the immigration program of Quebec Province and you can directly apply for this program to become a permanent skilled worker in Canada and get the Canada Work Visa for Indians. Your profile will be selected on point based and you will become eligible for receiving the Quebec Selection Certificate. Once you get the certificate, you can send your application to IRCC for Permanent Residency Visa in Canada.

Federal Skilled Worker Program via Express Entry Pool

In order to apply for this Canada Work Visa for Indian Citizens you first need to register for profile on Express Entry Pool and submit the Expression of Interest. The profile will receive points by IRCC based on various parameters including skills, age, work experience, language proficiency and education. If your profile is nominated in periodic draw of Express Entry, then you will receive the ITA Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residency in Canada.

Provincial Nomine Program

There are several provinces in Canada and each province offer immigration program called PNP programs to select and invite immigration in their province and join the workforce to raise its economy. You can apply for PNP directly and if selected you will get nomination letter from province which will allow you to apply for PR visa for Canada.