Keeping Your Treasure Well Protected

A car is nothing less than a treasure. Just imagine a life devoid of cars completely – you would have to rely on two-wheelers and public transport such as buses and autos no matter where you have to travel, you will have to pay high fares if the transporters so demand it because you don’t have another option, you will not have a vehicle that can transport multiple people under one roof in comfort, you will only have to take guided tours when you travel to different places or you will have to hire vehicles when you reach your destination and, worst of all, you don’t have a reliable source of transportation during emergencies, especially the medical ones! When your car can do so much for you and when you invest a big chunk of money for this asset, it makes total sense for you to keep the vehicle insured at all times.

Even if you don’t want to, the Indian Law requires you to have valid car insurance at all times. And don’t be under the impression that it is just the imported brands that need insurance! All kinds of cars of all shapes, sizes and brands do need insurance cover. Some insurance companies offer specific policies for certain brands. So, you may come across Maruti car insurance policies just as you could come across policies for various other Indian and foreign brand cars.

The aim of the car insurance is to help you repair your car when it has been damaged due to reasons such as an accident, fire, theft or burglary, lightning, etc. It also covers passengers injured while in the car when it got damaged and also protects third party liabilities. In fact, if you are buying a car on finance basis, you may well have to show a copy of the car insurance policy to the bank or lender to get the loan amount. The insurance is most beneficial when you are unable to bear the cost of the repair expenses on your own. Some policies even cover the electronic gadgets that you may have in your car.

There are certain risks such as damages caused due to driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol that are not covered under such policies. So be sure to go through the list of the covered and exempted risks before you take up a policy.

Author – The author is a well-placed official in a car company. To offer services that extend beyond just well manufactured cars, he also guest blogs on on car-related topics.