Is The Quality Of The Compatible Optical Module Reliable?

The optical module is an integral component of the network system, whose main function is photoelectric conversion. Although the current price of an optical module is not so expensive, establishing a huge and complete optical network transmission system (such as data center) requires a large number of optical modules and its overall cost will be astonishing, particularly when using original optical modules. The emergence of compatible optical modules has solved the problem of high cost of the deployment of optical modules, while someone still concerns the quality of compatible optical modules. This tutorial will take the Cozlink optical module as an example to explain whether the quality of the compatible optical module is reliable.

Is The Quality Of The Compatible Optical Module Reliable?

Key Factors in Judging the Quality of Compatible Optical Modules

SFF – 8472 standard is the key factor in judging whether the quality and compatibility of compatible optical modules pass or not. It is formulated by the SFF Committee to define the Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface (DDMI) of the optical module, which can help us understand the operation parameters of the optical module in real time. Generally speaking, the SFF-8472 standard defines a framework for the optical module of third party vendors, and the quality of the optical module that meets this standard can be substantially guaranteed. Here are three factors that determine whether a compatible optical module is reliable:

Whether it possesses the Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface (DDMI) specified by the SFF -8472 standard

The optical module with the Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface (DDMI) has the alarm function. When one or more data in the operation of the optical module exceeds the standard parameter specified by the manufacturer, the host will receive an alarm from the optical module, thereby alerting the user to a fault. According to the SFF-8472 standard, the following five parameters of the optical module should be monitored in real time:

Parameter Range Standard Error
Voltage 0~6.55V +/-3% Standard Value
Temperature -128~128℃ +/-3℃
Received Power -40~8.2 dBm +/-3dBm
Transmitted Power -40~8.2 dBm +/-3dBm
Bias Current 0~131 mA +/-10% Standard Value

Whether it possesses the fault location function

In fiber links, fault location can help people find and fix faults quickly and reduce down time. The optical module conforming to the SFF -8472 standard usually has the Digital Diagnostics Monitoring function which can be used to comprehensively analyze its transmitted power, received power, operating temperature, Virtual channel connection (Vcc), offset warning at the transmitter and alarm status, so as to determine the fault location in the fiber optic link.

Whether it validates through compatibility

The compatibility verification is to analyze whether the optical module can run normally in the working environment required by the host device, which is the only way to determine the performance of the optical module. Normally, the higher performance the optical module has, the stronger compatibility it has.

In some cases, if the working environment is poor, the performance of the optical module may decline and even cause transmission failure, commonly include:

the voltage exceeding the standard value of the optical module, the received power over or below the sensitivity of the optical module receiver, the temperature more than the standard value of the optical module.

Cozlink Optical Module Compatibility Test

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Is The Quality Of The Compatible Optical Module Reliable?


The quality of optical modules can directly affect the transmission efficiency of the fiber optic link. The quality of original optical modules is beyond any doubt, but its price is prohibitive. So far, the compatible optical modules offered by many suppliers can be comparable to original optical modules, and their prices are highly competitive, which can provide large cost savings for users. Cozlink is such an optical module supplier, and our supply of optical modules has been widely praised by customers both home and abroad. Especially compatible Cisco SFP-10G-SR modules, it is our hot-sellers, please click to see 10Gbase SR SFP+ price.