Interesting TV Concepts That Could Be Reality Soon

Interesting TV Concepts That Could Be Reality Soon

For most of us, television has been a big part of our lives for as long as we can remember. Yet, it is only in the last few years that our way of watching TV has started to change dramatically.

Mobile viewing, internet streaming and on-demand services are all modern advances but what are the next concepts that could soon become reality?

Interesting TV Concepts That Could Be Reality Soon

Video Walls of TV Screens

One of the most amazing things about some science fiction films is the way that banks of TV screen are fixed on in the wall. In this way, our futuristic heroes can see a number of different channels at the same time or hold video conferences while watching the news.

Some companies, such as Samsung, have used this sort of set up for digital advertising signage but what about for home use? One recent breakthrough that could help in this respect is the creation of a wall of 55 screens by Toshiba. This sort of thing could be on sale for domestic use by 2020.

A Pivotal Set

We are now all familiar with the idea of turning our phones or tablets on their side to switch back and forward between landscape and horizontal views. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your TV set could do this as well? Believe it or not, it could happen soon.

The pivotal television concept is something that has been mentioned by manufacturer Loewe in the past. With most and more of us now using our televisions for more than just watching shows this kind of versatility certainly seems to make sense. Imagine the fun you could have using this TV on all the channels you can get from this site.

Fully Connected TVs

It is clear that our TVs are now more connected to the rest of our lives than ever before but what else could they do? Among the most recent innovations in this field, we can see the Haier modular TV.

Before too long it could be common for us to use our TV to keep track of our fitness levels, our sleep patterns and everything else that matters to us.

Giant Screens with Multiple Action

Toshiba made some waves in the technology world in 2014 with a massive 105 inch flat LED TV. It was so huge that not all of it could be used on most widescreen programs. This left big black bars at the side a lot of the time.

Toshiba put these bars to good use by adding Twitter feeds to them. Maybe before long it will be common to have a giant screen like this which has more than one thing going on at any time.

Hologram TV

There has been talk of hologram TV for many years now and it would be certainly be an amazing advance which would bring any show or film to life. Can you imagine watching your favorite sports team or action film with a hologram TV?

We have yet to see a television like this in real life but is the concept so crazy after all? There are some suggestions that we might see one in the next decade. Given the astonishing technological breakthroughs we have seen in recent years this certainly doesn’t seem impossible right now.


The future of TV certainly looks exciting. If there is one thing that doesn’t look like changing it is that our televisions will remain in the center of our lives for a long time yet.