Increasing Youtube To MP3 Converters Cause Concern

YouTube is one of the most popular video and music sharing services that are available today. These videos are embedded on the website itself and as such can be accessed from anywhere. It has several thousands of registered users those who upload videos and uncountable others visit YouTube on a daily basis to watch their favorite videos. With so many people logging in to upload videos or watch them YouTube has a large fan base and with its ever increasing popularity the number of online converters that lets you convert YouTube videos to MP3 files are also rising day by day.

YouTube is, no doubt, the largest resource of online videos. You can find on YouTube almost any videos from movies to music videos or interviews to documentaries, all are available. YouTube to MP3 converters have taken the availability of MP3s of any music that you want a step further by enabling you by making use of the huge database of videos that YouTube has. It converts any YouTube video that you want to MP3 files and lets you download them.

YouTube to MP3 converters are simple converters that let you convert YouTube videos into MP3s that you can store on your computer or phones. It takes the link of the YouTube video that you want the MP3 of, converts it online and lets you download them to your computer or phone. The conversion will usually depend on the length, size and quality of the corresponding video but will come to around a few minutes only. They are online and so can be accessed easily.

With easy access and simplicity of use, YouTube to MP3 converters are gaining popularity among the masses. Most of the youths today use YouTube to MP3 converters to get their favorite and the latest songs and other contents from YouTube so that they can enjoy them on their cell phones. But according to the Terms of Service (ToS) by YouTube, the contents should not be accessed other than by being streamed, so downloading any YouTube content goes against that.

The YouTube Terms of Service states that, to separate, modify or isolate the video or audio parts of a YouTube audiovisual content, delivered to the audience through the YouTube website or any other YouTube API, is illegal and not allowed. Google says that a part of its responsibility is managing the sharing, monetizing and display of the content uploaded by thousands of YouTube users. Some of these people who upload content to YouTube are major record labels owners who want to publicize their products such as music videos and songs and they are not exactly agreeable to the fact that their contents are being downloaded for free.

Google has already sued a few companies for distributing YouTube contents, and YouTube to MP3 converters are no different as they are enabling converted MP3 from YouTube video downloads.

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