How You Can Use Colors In Your Business Logo For Stimulating Audience For A Desired Response?

How You Can Use Colors In Your Business Logo For Stimulating Audience For A Desired Response?

The association of color with human psychologies is based on Isaac Newton’s discovery of colors origination from a single wavelength. Although, some colors depict universal meanings, however; everyone does not know about the color meanings.

Yet you can use colors to influence the human psychology or stimulate people to respond you according to your desire. This technique is used in the custom logo designing to achieve a particular response from the audience.
In order to bring a particular response, you need to understand the effects of colors on human nerves and design the given brand elements that secures the meaning as used in that culture of your targeted market.

How You Can Use Colors In Your Business Logo For Stimulating Audience For A Desired Response?


Red color has been noticed to increase the blood circulation in the human nerves. This is the same effect that is experienced whenever we see blood. Red color really stimulates the human body. This is why, this color is used especially for excitement and call-to-action. So you can use such red color in your custom logo design, website, landing pages, and forms if you want something to be done by your audience instantly.


Yellow color is also a stimulator. It appeals the nerves towards purification and clearance. Therefore when it is used intelligently in the logo and other brand elements it spell credibility and reliability.


In the Chinese mythology and herbal treatments, Orange light was used to cure the lung diseases. Orange color is used psychologically to increase the energy levels and boost the hormone production. This is why; Orange is a color of friendliness (healer) and friendliness (energy booster).


Blue color is used psychologically to improve visionary diseases and treat pains. Blue is also a friendly color (healer). As it cures the pains, it is believed to be a symbol of trust and freedom. Wherever you use the blue color you actually impress your targeted audience with YOU attitude.


Indigo, the color of royalty and dominance was used to treat skin and beauty problems in the ancient times. Indigo colored herbs and flowers were especially used by the Queens to treat their skin for heavenly beauty. So if your targeted audience is women or you are specifically in skin or beauty care industry then go ahead with this color.


Pink color is used for relaxation and stress-control. This technique is still used in the American prisons. This is why; pink color is associated with friendliness, romance, purity and dignity. Pink color resembles the calm and relaxed nature of women.

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