How Under 30 PR Professionals Should Handle A PR Crisis?

One of the key challenges a business faces in today’s time is the crisis that gets magnified in the the social media. Although, there are varied experts, ranging from digital to corporate who enjoy the proficiency to handle a crisis situation, what about the under-30 PR pros who make up over 60% of the workforce? Are they capable of handling a crisis, which could soon become part of their KRA as they climb the corporate ladder in a public relations agency in India?

Realising that under 30-PR practitioners should master the art of handling a crisis effectively, here are some of the key pointers that can come in handy when handling a crisis situation.

  • Undertake an in-depth analysis if it is a client complaint with after sales service offered or a shareholder of the business displaying his dissatisfaction with the board on a decision. After the problem has been found and understood, offer a quick response. It is advisable that as a team player in a leading PR agency in India, maintain caution of having the first and last conversation on the public timeline, remaining details should be discussed offline and taken care of.
  • Since social media is huge, it is key for the under 30 PR pros to understand the significance of the client complaints that are shared across the online forums and platforms. The leading PR agencies in India vouch for quick response to client complaints within 24 hours as the first response acknowledges the problem and requests details to connect offline.

The onus lies with the service team to build a connect with the client offline and help solve issues after the confirmation is bagged.

  • An immediate apology on the social media platforms is the best strategy that would work in the long run. In fact, a PR firm is always on the lookout for negative incidents, which could be transformed into PR opportunity. In such a situation, the tonality of the response is key, especially for the vulnerable sectors such as eCommerce.

Things to include in the social media to-do list

Every PR firm should ensure that every under 30 PR professional must stay updated with the latest social media skills. It would be displayed in their knowledge, skills and help boost their social media profiles as well.

Most of the top public relations agencies in India are focusing on the trick to create viral content. In regard to social media and PR, PR pros want to master the art of creating user generated content that can directly connect with the audiences. Moreover, the enhanced use of ChatBots by the news websites to make news reading a personalised experience is something which the PR agencies should inculcate in their day to day activities.

Creative writing tools like the creation of infographics, short video and the ability to develop a timeline for the customer are few of the effective tools that should be leveraged more often.