How To Run An Inflatable Castle Business

There are plenty of amusement and recreation option available for kids and teenagers nowadays. However, when it comes to unadulterated joy and excitement, hardly anything comes close to inflatable castle and ride setups. These attractive looking bouncing setups attract kid and grown up people alike and you can find them at many amusement parks and children’s facilities. With time, manufacturers have become more innovative and as a result present generation bouncing houses have become fun to use and they also come with added safety features.

If you want to get into business that caters to children’s needs, running a bouncing house rental business can be quite suitable. You will get to make toddlers and growing kids laugh and have a gala time. Since getting to amusement parks is not always possible, a lot of people, especially those with deep packets hire bouncing castle setups for personal occasions like birthdays. Below listed are a few tips that will help you shine in this business.

How To Run An Inflatable Castle Business

Start Small and then Expand

When you start the business of renting inflatable castle it makes sense to begin on a small scale and then expand the venture based on response and needs. You may start with 3 units of varying sizes and shapes to cater to different needs of clients. Needless to say, the units can cost you quite some amount. However, it would not be viable to buy cheap quality bouncing ride units at all.

Think of the Seasonal Demands

It may so happen that demand for inflatable ride rental will vary during certain seasons. While kids love jumping on these setups at all times, demand for these units may be less in winter months. However, during summer vacations and fall, their demands are likely to be higher.

Make the Business Grow with Discounts and Limited Promotions

Chances are there that there are other companies that offer inflatable castle rentals in your region. So, how do you take on the industry opponents? You can resort to limited period offers and discounts of various types. While resorting to aggressive discount is not prudent, you may think of offering special discount for loyal customers. This will help in promoting the business. Satisfied customers can refer your business to their acquaintances and friends and the tried and tested word of mouth approach still works. Apart from that, you may leverage top social media sites to reach out to new clients and endorse the brand. Offer limited discounts for people who sign up for Face book page of your business for a limited time.

Focus on Safety

While starting an inflatable unit rental business is enjoyable and profitable at the same time, you cannot overlook safety aspects. In recent times, norms have been tightened for usage and manufacturing of inflatable rise and castles. Ensure the units you buy for renting out are made by reputed brands and have standard safety features implemented. Highlight this aspect while promoting your business. As it is customers are quite well informed these days and they will look for this.

Additional Infrastructure and Coverage Issues

To run an inflatable castle rental venture successfully, you will need to buy some other things than just the castle setups as it is. You will require getting a van for transporting the units to client premises. You will also have to buy protective covers to wrap the units when they are being transported or lying unused in off seasons. A Public Liability Insurance policy is also a prerequisite for owners of such businesses. You may also need guidance of legal experts to frame customer disclaimer and related aspects. Setting up a website and provisions for online booking also need to be set up.

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