How To Prepare For General Studies For IES?

How To Prepare For General Studies For IES

The Indian Engineering Services Exam, gives a good 200 marks’ support to the general studies, not only this, during the last phase – personality test – too, the general studies would definitely be a great help to give a crack to the exam and get a secured job in this field.

But, most of the times, in the wake of preparing the core, technical part of the IES, we tend to ignore the general studies and end up catching a disappointment that could have been easily avoided. The general studies in IES exam comprises of National and International current affairs relating to economic, social and industrial development; Engineering aptitude comprising of logical reasoning and Analytical ability; Engineering Mathematics also Numerical ability; General design principle; Project management basics; material science; ethics and values in Engineering profession and other like topics of conceptual engineering.

How To Prepare For General Studies For IES

Studying these topics thoroughly is not only a boost to the exam but also a great add-on to our knowledge and personal growth.

How to prepare for general studies for IES?

Here are the primary ways that can help you prepare for general studies for IES:

  1. Keep your senses awake: Make sure you are well aware of whatever is happening around. Most of the times, the questions are framed out of the current events and happenings around the world. Keeping a constant eye on the news around you helps you boost up your knowledge in this field without making many efforts. All you need is a certain level of curiosity and reliable sources.
  1. Make the Media your best friend: If you are preparing for the general studies, make sure you have a constant approach on the newspapers and the newspaper you are referring to should definitely be a standard one, which consists of reliable and relevant news. Also, if you could spare around half an hour for the television, please don’t miss on the daily news report of any trustworthy news channel.
  1. Consistency is the key: Nothing can be achieved overnight. And if it is your general studies, you definitely have to devote a part of your time for it, daily on a constant basis. You need to be very sure that at least 2-3 hours are given to the general studies session by you and don’t let any excuse come up to your mind in order to distract yourself from your general studies’ session.

There may be a point you start getting tired of doing the general studies on a repeating basis, but remember, the moment you leave it, is the moment you lose it. So, just keep going no matter what comes in your way. Make a determination and assign yourself daily tasks which you need to complete the concerned day itself at any cost.

  1. Discussing it all the way: The discussion is the activity which has the potential to etch the concerned topic into your memory, in a way nothing else can. So, if you ever get a chance make sure to discuss all that you have studied so far with anyone you may please. It can be a friend who is also preparing for the same, in that case, there will be two-way communication, and you both will end up helping yourselves in the most commendable manner. Also, if there some people around you who are discussing any topic of general interest, try to get actively involved in their discussion in order to extract the relevant facts and figures. Remember, small talks can lead to big victories and changes.
  1. Consistency in Effort: Just try to keep in mind, whatever point you have learned so far, keep revising it and recalling it within your brain even at the time you are up for a shower or if you are on your way to someplace and you could not do any other relevant task. Recalling your studies will be a great utilization of your spare time, and you will be a master in multi-tasking while doing the same.
  1. Revise before sleep: It is a well known fact that whatever we study before sleeping gets embedded into our memory system as our brain keeps recalling it in our subconscious state. So, make sure you study all the important points at least once before going into the sleep state.

The exam pressure is no doubt very high as you need to prepare for the most difficult engineering concepts. But, ignorance of the general studies part or carelessness in this section may lead to an undesirable failure. Following the above-mentioned steps will definitely make general studies easy for you.