How to Play Daggerfall on Your Windows 7 PC

Itching to comedy the archetypal RPG The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall? Here’s how to get it active on a Windows 7 PC.

First, you charge to acquisition the bold itself. Having an aboriginal archetype of the bold is ideal–since it appear in 1996, however, you’ll apparently adopt to aloof download Daggerfall anon from administrator Bethesda Softworks, which appear the appellation for chargeless to bless the game’s 15th anniversary.

You’ll charge to use the chargeless DOS adversary DOSBox to comedy the bold on a avant-garde machine. Grab the most recent adaptation of DOSBox (0.74 as of this writing) and install it to your adamantine drive. Remember that any filename over eight characters will abbreviate to bout the old DOS 8.3 allotment conventions, so achieve abiding to actualize a abstracted binder for apartment your DOS bold files with a abbreviate and simple name, such as C:\DOS. After downloading a archetype of Daggerfall, achieve it in a subdirectory of C:\DOS, such as C:\DOS\DaggerF.

DOSBox offers avant-garde users a array of config settings to tweak, but we’re activity to accumulate it simple and appearance you the bald minimum you charge to comedy Daggerfall on a Windows 7 machine. (Experienced tweakers can dive into the DOSBox forums or association wiki for added tips.) To get started, baddest the Edit Options account in the DOSBox binder on your Start menu.

This activity will accessible the dosbox-0.74.conf agreement file, area you can boggle with the variables of the emulated DOS environment. Scroll bottomward to the [dosbox] area and change the ‘memsize’ capricious to apprehend memsize=32. Save and abutting the file, and again barrage DOSBox in windowed approach from the Start menu; you’ll acquisition yourself staring at a basal DOS command alert like ‘Z:\>’, so you’ll charge to acquaint the adversary area to attending for your Daggerfall files. This action is alleged ascent a basic drive, and you can calmly achieve it by accounting arise c c:\dos -freesize 1000 and acute Enter.

Next, you charge to challenge a basic CD-ROM drive from which to install your archetype of Daggerfall. Blazon arise d c:\dos\dfcd -t cdrom -label Daggerfall to do so. This band tells the adversary to amusement all the files in c:\dos\dfcd\ as admitting they were stored on a concrete CD labeled Daggerfall, after all the altercation of absolutely defective to acquisition a alive Daggerfall CD. Now about-face your DOSBox adversary to the D:\ drive by accounting d: and acute Enter, and again blazon install. This will admit the Daggerfall install program; accede to all terms, and install the bold to C:\Dagger on your adamantine drive, authoritative abiding to set the install admeasurement to Huge.

When the accession affairs attempts to configure your complete card, achieve abiding you aren’t active DOSBox in abounding screen, as that will account an absurdity in the affairs (you can columnist Alt-Enter to about-face to Windowed mode). DOSBox emulates thecomputer application apartment of a Complete Blaster complete card, so acquaint the Daggerfall installer to auto-detect, and accept the Complete Blaster 16 option. Set the absence MIDI Port to 388, save the configuration, and accomplishment the accession process.

Once the bold is installed, blazon dag123 at the ‘C:\DAGGER’ command band to run the application utility. Application Daggerfall to adaptation 1.07, and again barrage the bold by accounting artful at the ‘C:\DAGGER’ command band in DOSBox.

Congratulations: You’ve auspiciously installed one of the greatest PC role-playing amateur anytime made! Every time you appetite to play, you’ll charge to cossack up DOSBox and access the afterward commands in order:

mount c c:\dosgames -freesize 1000

mount d c:\dosgames\dfcd -t cdrom -label Daggerfall