How To Make Your Shop’s Sign Stand Out With Chromaform Letters?

Make your shop’s sign stand out. If you’re someone who considers professionalism to be most important, choose Chromaform letters from Sign Trade. Using chrome sign letters, you can make your company look sophisticated, instantaneously!

The Chromaform letters are beautifully designed to offer anexpensive finish to signage, making it more stylish.

Ever notice how almost all signs tend to use stainless steel lettering? Why not go for something different and choose Chromaform letters? These are perfect if you’re looking for extra shine for your signage!

But why do you need Chromaform sign letters to stand out?

Maintaining quality.

The chrome effect letters are exactly what you need if you want to maintain the quality of your signage. Your signs will be susceptible to all weathers if they are placed outdoors so you need to choose something hard-wearing. For your business to offer the best quality, your signs need to be well maintained and shouldn’t fade over time, consider the chrome sign letters from Sign Trade- these are designed to last and maintain their quality for longer!

Style of letters.

Choose something simple. One of the biggest mistakes made is choosing fancy fonts and letters… you may think that it will make your sign stand out from the rest, however, it only makes the sign difficult to read!

Carefully think about the style of letters, there are a variety of styles to choose from, just remember to keep it simple and select something that matches your brand and any themes that you have.

Sign Trade supply the Chromaform letters in a range of fonts, ensuring you find something that suits your requirements. Whether you’re looking for capitalised letters or lower-case letters, look no further than Sign Trade!


Just because it’s better to keep things simple, it doesn’t mean you can’t use your imagination! Make your sign jump out at passers-by. Make it easy to read but put your personal stamp on it.

The chrome effect letters are already a creative addition to make to your company but make sure they’re displayed in the best way possible, making your shop or exhibition encouraging and capturing the attention of pedestrians and people in cars.

3D lettering.

Who would’ve thought that the chrome effect letters could be so visually enhancing? They are designed to create a halo effect, making your sign stand out from the rest. The Chromaform letters are an effortless way to make your sign more sophisticated and to offer a certain luxurious quality!

Using 3D letters will allow you to be seen from afar. Where 2D letters can often be difficult to read in the distance, the 3D letters will make more of a statement, allowing your sign to be easily recognisable.

Using natural light.

The chrome sign letters are an ideal way to maximise natural light. The letters are designed to suit the needs of an array of business types, ensuring that the signs are readable and eye-catching.

The Chromaform letters can be paired up with almost any colour and will immediately make your sign shine. Chrome letters are an ideal way to illuminate your signage letters, without the need for LED lighting!

Make an enquiry for chrome sign letters today!