How to Make Your Business Entryway More Inviting

The entryway to your business is your first and only chance to make an excellent and powerful first impression. How your business looks to new and potential customers and passersby can significantly impact your foot traffic, which will influence your sales. As a business owner, you must have an inviting entryway that represents your brand. If you’re looking to bring in more clients and customers, consider some of the following suggestions for making your entryway more inviting.

Cleanliness Goes a Long Way

When it comes to the face of your business, the cleanliness of your entryway can affect how the customer perceives your business. This makes a clean entryway an absolute must for any business. There’s no excuse for a shabby and untidy entryway or waiting room, whether you’re operating on a vast budget or a shoestring. Ensure your entryway is always clean, fresh-smelling, and free of clutter. In addition to sweeping and vacuuming, removing any small clutter or other things like that can make the space feel cleaner.

Make it Unique With Artwork

Artwork shows who you are and the quality and professionalism of your business. You don’t have to spend a lot of money buying pricey artwork to make your entryway enticing and beautiful. Add custom artwork to walls, windows, and ceilings made from acrylic and plastics. Acrylic and Plastic fabrication companies like Perspex, for example, can create unique and eyecatching artwork for your business’s entryway and waiting room. You could even use the custom-cut perspex for making colorful windows that look like stained glass. This can make your entryway not only seem more inviting but also more memorable. The more memorable it can be, the easier it is to get word of mouth that turns into actual customers walking through your door.

Invest in a Unique and Attractive Signage

The sign for your business is like the cover and title of a book. If your business’s sign is bland, boring, and unattractive, it will entice few people to enter. One of the best ways to draw attention to your company and attract more foot traffic is with unique and attractive signage and displays. Acrylic signs and displays are an excellent and cost-effective way to add some bling to your entryway, waiting room, and storefront.

When considering the branding for your business signage, consider your target audience and what they would relate to the most. If your target market includes people who farm and tend to wear cowboy hats, then it may be ideal to use colors that remind your target audience of the cowboy hat so that they can imagine themselves inside your business place. That being said, if your business is located in a desert and everything around your business is the same color as the cowboy hat, then the sign may blend in and be more difficult to see from a distance. In addition to matching colors, you can use contrasting or complementary colors. This can help your business stand out while still relating to the cowboy hat.

Use Proper Lighting

No one wants to walk into a poorly lit, dark entryway or waiting room. For this reason, you need to ensure that you have a well-lit space. Use natural lighting whenever and as often as possible and enhance dark areas with lamps and ceiling lights. A bright and cheery entryway and waiting room provide a better ambiance and are safer for your employees and guests. In addition to a safer space for your employees and customers, the lighting can help make your space feel bigger and more luxurious.

The most common light colors that create a safe and comfortable space are between a white and a soft yellow shade of light. Some people try using colors like blue and green to create a calming environment, it’s ideal to bring those colors in using paint on the walls or artwork instead of lights. 

If you’re trying to create a larger space with your lighting, ensure that the corners are properly lit. That being said, whatever is lit, will also show whatever dirt or clutter is hiding in that space. This means that you need to ensure that the spaces being lit are also clean and clear of clutter.

Make Sure the Seating is Comfortable

A waiting room without comfortable and adequate seating will not impress your guests while waiting for assistance. Be sure you have enough attractive and comfortable seating areas for all your guests. The seating you put in your entryway also says a lot about your business and the people that you cater to. This means that your choice of seating also needs to be well thought out. Consider what your target customer has at their home or office and consider placing that type of seating in the entryway. Also, consider the challenge of cleaning your seating. This is part of the reason that a lot of businesses use leather furniture to make it easy to clean. Furniture with a more fibrous material tends to hold onto dirt more as well as being more challenging to clean.

You only get one chance to make a positive first impression. A successful business is all about attracting and holding onto clients and customers. Customers don’t enjoy waiting, but you can make the wait more enjoyable with a comfortable and attractive entryway and waiting area by following some of the suggestions listed above.