How To Find The Right Company For Rapid Prototyping Project Part 2

In part 1 of this article about finding the right rapid prototyping company.  We have discussed the following: the need for the company to understand product design, its development, and the production technique, the capacity of the company, and the response to your request.

Here is the second part of the factors you need to consider when choosing a rapid prototyping company.

# Delivery on promise

For most product designers and consultants, their project timelines are very tight and have no room for flexibility if they are missing deadlines. It is absolutely vital for them that the prototyping complies with their delivery schedule.

How can you determine that the shortlisted company delivers on their promise? You must practice due diligence and check out the intended supplier online. Check the testimonials and reviews from real people or real companies. You can also check their social media page.

# Range of services they offer

You may be needing a quick 3D printing of a part today.  But on your next order, you may want to have a full-scale prototype model that you need to present in a business meeting. It is essential that your prototyping partner is more than just a one-time partner.

You need to ask for their catalog of services and if they have finishing options too like painting, laser cutting, or smoothing. If what you have is a true specialist, they have both traditional and modern capabilities.

# Advice

If you are not sure about the prototype process to apply to your design, you can ask for advice from your prototyping expert. A true specialist is willing and able to advise on the right method at no extra cost. They can also offer advice on the material to use.

# Flexibility

The value of a prototyping company who is willing to go the extra mile should not be underestimated. If you have a company who is ready to process your late order and produce them the next day, you have found a gem.

# Depth of experience

A prototyping company invests on thousands of dollars to buy technologies and machines. But these cash investments are nothing if it is not complemented with relevant experience. The experience of the rapid prototyping company’s employees can benefit the clients and the company with continuous business for years.

Final Thoughts

The best rapid prototyping companies are the specialists who offer a one-stop-shop for all the rapid prototyping need of designers and engineers. They should have in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry and is committed to delivering their promises.