How to expand an existing business blog

As a small start-up, you may have realized the importance of maintaining a business blog in today’s business climate. But as your company grew, your blog didn’t pick up the pace. Now, in order to maintain the benefits your business has reaped from its blog, you are going to need to give the site a few updates.

The following list includes several things to keep in mind as you begin to expand your blog:

Change the Domain Name

As you transform your existing blog, you are going to want to consider changing the domain name. Does the original domain name reflect the mission of your company? If not, think of one that does. The name should be unique enough to catch the visitor’s eye, but simple enough that visitors can remember the site long after they’ve left. Finding the right domain name may require a bit of research, as a lot of the best names are unfortunately already taken.

Increased Bandwidth

Your larger, fancier blog is going to take up a lot more space than the old version. This means that you’ll need to increase the site’s bandwidth in order to avoid leaving blog visitors stalled on a slow site. You are also going to want to streamline the blog and make it more efficient.

Choosing Cloud Hosting Providers

Depending on when you first started your company blog, you may or may not have made use of cloud hosting. Unlike regular web hosting, cloud hosting allows you to access your information from anywhere and at any time. It is the ultimate in convenience and affordability. Cloud computing also can be a lot safer than traditional web hosting, as hosting companies often provide extra security for those involved in cloud computing.

Deciding on a cloud hosting provider can be difficult, as there are many options to choose from. Amazon has certainly been on the cusp of many cloud computing innovations, but Amazon competitors, such as Blue Lock, are certainly putting up a good fight. When choosing a cloud hosting provider, look at the strengths and weaknesses of each company and see how they match up with the needs of your own business.

Web Design

Along with the updates listed above, you are going to want to outfit your blog with a new design. This design should have a modern appeal while retaining an appearance classic enough to keep it from looking outdated. Some businesses hire graphic designers to come up with new looks for their blogs. Others may not have the money needed for designers in their budgets, which is why they instead often use web design sites such as Crowd Spring. Such sites provide business owners with the opportunity to come up with unique web designs without completely destroying their budgets.

Keeping up with the rapid changes in technology is certainly not easy, but it is a necessity in today’s world. As you strive to expand your blog, be sure to keep all potential opportunities in mind. A blog redesign can make or break your business, so do not take this important process lightly.