How “Positive Thinking” Can Harm Your Business?

It may be hard to believe, but one of the more dangerous things in the business world is some of the “positive thoughts”. It is true that any businessperson should start their business positively. They need to be sure that their business ideas are wonderful and they need to go for it. They will know that it is a great time to begin their business and they will have wonderful success. Often, our relatives and friends feed us with positive thoughts, but we shouldn’t get carried away. In reality, the only useful advice is the one that comes from people who are thoroughly experienced and knowledgeable in the business world. Advices from our friends and relatives may very well be well-meaning, but they could have less value, not be worth as much and even be downright dangerous. Positive encouragements should also come from business specialists. Businesspeople should thoroughly examine their products and they need to make sure that their products are suitable for the market. This is an important thing to do before they commit money and time in the business.

Every business should be started with the idea of serving customers with reasonable products and services. This applies for all businesses, old and new. Whatever we are offering, these products should be well accepted by consumers and compete well in the market. As an example, the product could be a little bit more effective, a little cheaper or a little more durable. However, false “positive encouragements” could make us fail to see that our products are acceptable for competition in the market. Our products should have distinct advantages compared to the competition or we will fail miserably in the long run. Bad encouragements could make it impossible to see honestly, whether there are real market for our products and services. Positive thinking should still allow us to realistically see whether the market is sufficiently big for our products. Is it possible that we will be able to outreach consumers effectively with sales and advertising. Bad encouragements could make us reluctant to accurately answer questions and this could be the downfall of many new businesses.

People could mistakenly see that consumers are buying the products because it was them! They are so convinced, enthusiastic and positive about the quality and value of their products. Unfortunately, their enthusiasms are not contagious enough and customers are not interested enough. Eventually, they have to give some of their products away and give people guarantee about the quality of their products. Unfortunately, blind convictions have caused them ignore the fact that their products are not good enough for the market. For this reason, we should be selective with our positive thoughts and it is important to test our products, so we will know whether we are able sell the products in the market. Inducements we give to prospective customers are useless if we fail to develop good services and products that are suitable for the market.