How Hosting ERP Solutions Can Benefit Your Business And Improve Productivity?

These days, companies are finding new ways to save their money and to enhance their overall productivity in cost-effective ways. The use of in-house resources to enhance the business processes and thereby, growing the bottom line is one of the best ways to achieve it.

It is true that premises-based solutions can help companies to achieve their goals, but cloud -based solutions have emerged to be the best alternative to it. It comes with ample benefits for every company, be it small, medium, or large organizations.

Cloud solutions are not only faster to implement, but also can be easily customized to fit to the business’ changing needs. Let us explore some other benefits of hosted ERP solutions and how it can benefit your business.

Less Operational Costs

If you opt for premises-based ERP solutions, you may have to pay for the entire hardware that can ultimately lead to large initial investment. However, by hosting the ERP solution, you don’t need to worry about limited physical space, larger facilities to set up your network, or any kind of extra cooling systems.

If you are a medium sized company, hosting ERP solutions can greatly reduce your overhead costs. A huge deployment can lead to additional servers that need their independent cooling and heating system, repairs, inventory downtime for maintenance, etc. All such happens in background with hosted solutions.

Offers Scalability as well as Flexibility

With hosted ERP solutions for your business, you will better be able to cope up with the growing business demands. No matter whether you want to remove or add new users, change permissions of the current users, you can do it all without any extra efforts.

Hosted ERP solutions give you the ability to add new offices. There is generally no extra equipment required at new offices, so turn up is very quick as well as easy with hosted service. This means management of new departments, processes, etc can be very easy and seamless.

Less reliance on the In-House Resources

Generally, the hosted ERP solutions need very few technical resources since the cloud service provider basically takes care of the entire software and hardware maintenance, administrative duties, and establishing connections.  In this way, your business can use IT resources on some other important task.

Moreover, hosted ERP solutions have great built-in redundancies. So, you don’t have to rely on single server. This also means that you can have your service up as well as running in two concurrent data centres to guard against the one location that has the trouble. The data is mirrored in each of the data centre. You can easily switch between the locations in case of any disaster.

Moreover, you would always be up-to-date with latest version of software. The updates would be automatically available. Your business can take immediate benefits of the new upgrades and enhancements.

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