Hot 7 Best Advice For First-Time Startup CEO

Every day I receive hundreds of messages from first-time businessmen or those, who think they are businessmen. To cut a long story short, I get emails from people who want to pitch ‘something,’ but do not understand what to start first. And this very moment confuses me most of all.

I have come to a conclusion, that 95% of all first-time startup CEOs start pitching their projects in a wrong way, which is the reason why their projects fail. In this article, I will share with you my reach experience in start-up product and try to prevent first-time startup chief execute officers from fatal mistakes.

Do you have any product you would like to boost? Are you a first-time start-up CEO? Would you like to get some suggestions in business? In this case, these tips are for you!


Most of big and successful companies or most successful custom essay writers started from scratch with a brand new idea. ‘New’ means 10 times better than existing ones. Explore the marketplace and analyze what new you can offer to the world. Or what is that special about your business that it might be better and more successful than the others? Qualified and well-done analytics is a pledge of success. Your success.


I have started this article with questions of new entrepreneurs where they ask me about pitching something, but still, they don’t know what. First of all, it is ridiculous. You have to be 100% aware of what you want to boost. You cannot hit a target you cannot see. Second of all, business or project created with love and inspiration is doomed for success. You have to be motivated from head to toe and every morning wake up with a clear vision and purpose about your startup. You need to want to succeed more than anything else. Only, in this case, you may avoid a failure.

Hot 7 Best Advice For First-Time Startup CEO


It is impossible to be an expert in all life spheres. Don’t feel ashamed to ask for helping professionals who you think might be smarter than you. You should ask for some advice experts who have big experience and are ready to share it. It is OK not to understand something, but it is really bad if you don’t have a desire to change it.


Before committing yourself to a project you want to pitch, you have to realize, that at the beginning you will work at a loss. Business is about investments, but they have to be done in a right way, hence be practical about your money. Think of all the risks you can take in a case you win, and lose as well. Don’t spend your money in vain.


At the very beginning of your entrepreneurship, you can compare your startup to a newborn baby. It demands 100% of your time, attention and investments. Be ready to work hard, be ready to difficulties, but remember, that if it is hard for you to move forward, you conquer the top of the mountain.


Being a first-time startup CEO means that whatever knowledge about the marketplace, competitors, business, entrepreneurship you have, the reality is a bit different and nothing will work at the first time. Sometimes you will fail, but these failures are just the opportunities to move forward, to work better, to try again. When a famous American inventor Tomas Edison was working on creating an incandescent lamp, he failed for the 10th time. He said that now he knew one more way how he might not do to invent a fire. Remember these words.

one man in the field is no warrior

The team of people who share the same ideas is a great weapon in business wars. One person does not make a team that is why your task, as a first-time startup CEO, is to find people who will be the inner power of your product. Create a team of individuals who can create, pitch, and manage your project. Do not forget that only enthusiastic people achieve success, stay afloat and overcome possible challenges.

The article is provided by Joseph Sartori