Favoritism in Public Education – The Politics of Certain Educators

Favoritism in Public Education - The Politics of Certain Educators

Ever wondered why certain students always got better grades, better treatment or better support from their teachers? The politics of high school haven’t changed much over the years and probably won’t change anymore in the years to come. That’s why I have chosen to shine a spotlight on the actions of certain teachers in today’s public education system. Everything from favoritism to special treatment will be covered and brought to the light. It’s an unfair system that needs to be changed.

When it comes to teachers and extracurricular activities, shouldn’t there be a conflict of interest? I think so. We all would like to think that teachers can treat every student fairly no matter the situation but it’s a hidden truth that teachers are humans. Humans are known to favor certain things over others and even treat things differently. Teachers are just like everyone else so it’s understandable but when it comes to students and their grades and educations, these things shouldn’t even be in the same sentence.

Favoritism in Public Education - The Politics of Certain Educators

Some teachers are also sports coaches or athletic directors. These are the teachers who love their high school sports and are driven to be the best. They want to get the recognition at the end of the year for having the winning season or the best team in the state. It’s not such a bad thing since everyone wants to be the best at what they do. But what happens when these teachers or directors will do anything to succeed? Perhaps the star quarterback didn’t do so hot in one of his classes and the team doesn’t stand a chance without him. This is something that won’t stop some teachers from cleaning up their grades or giving them some extra credit so that they are able to participate in the next event. There are teachers who give one hundred and ten percent of their attention and guidance to the students who are on their particular team. Thus, when a class is in session, the teacher will be quick to help their athletes with whatever problems may face them and these students usually take seniority over the rest. This is by no means even conceivably fair.

Other teachers proceed in groups such as FFA, FCCLA, FBLA, etc. These instructors are spending extra time with students during these meetings so it’s no wonder that they tend to spend more time with them in their normal classes. This leads to certain students getting extra attention, added help and all around more focus from the teacher. Again, it’s favoritism and is not fair.

In the high school system, there are also teachers who favor students by their grade. Some teachers will admit that they can’t stand freshmen and prefer the seniors or vice versa. Yet again, favoritism rears its ugly head. Granted, there are some differences between grades when it comes to maturity, attitude or work ethic but nonetheless, it shouldn’t matter. Favoritism isn’t helping anyone.

Teachers are supposed to be people who want to educate young minds and love making a difference. The only differences that some teachers are making are the grades that different students receive. It’s an ugly idea to think about but it happens every day in the public education system all across the country. There is no way to rectify or justify the actions of these teachers and I guarantee that they will never give us the proof we need to charge them with anything. We also need to remember that these politics aren’t just affecting the students getting a special attention; it’s also causing some students to slip through the cracks.

For the students who aren’t star athletes, aren’t president of a club or aren’t involved in any extracurricular, they get the short end of the stick. Some teachers see them as slackers or just insignificant. Granted, every high school has its share of a few students who are just there because they have to be so they’re just sneaking by until graduation but for the rest of them, they aren’t getting the consideration that they deserve. Some students have to work or take care of family members. Others have different responsibilities that consume their time. So just because they aren’t putting their entire life and soul into their school, they’re being seen as unimportant. The teachers then treat them as the second rate. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; favoritism is alive and well in public education.

I decided to bring this issue to the table not to start firing at the public education system or stir up accusations. I wanted to talk about this issue for the parents who have children going through it and also for the teachers who may practice any kind of favoritism to show them what kind of affect they have. Rome wasn’t built in a day and the school system is certainly not going to change overnight but if we work together to put a stop to this, we just might make it happen. So the next time you see a child getting extra attention or not enough, speak up. Or the next time you yourself find yourself favoring one student over the other, stop and think about what you’re doing. Every student is created equal and I thought no child was supposed to be left behind.