Enhance Your Next Event With An Exceptional Speaker

Whether you are planning an executive briefing, a large conference or a multi-city tour of some sort, it is worth giving some thought to who will deliver your event’s keynote. In many ways, the keynote address is the main attraction at events of this nature, and it’s important that you choose a speaker whose area of expertise is relevant to your attendees. The address this person delivers serves to tie together your conference or event’s various themes.

But for many event organisers, choosing a speaker is a daunting task. Unfortunately, this leads many organisers to abandon the thought of commissioning one altogether. This can end up leaving a conspicuous hole in the line-up, even leaving attendees with a sense that something is missing.

A strong speaker will be able to capture the tone and essence of your event. Of course, this assumes that the person you choose is willing to put in the time and research needed to deliver a strong address. The best candidate is going to be a person of vision – someone like Chris Riddell, who has carried out a significant amount of keynote speaking in Australia.

The aforementioned speaker is a futurist, which means he examines current global trends and technologies to make predictions about future developments. A speciality such as this can be adapted to various fields and niches, as technology is relevant to virtually every industry on the planet. At the same time, their forward-looking approach is naturally inspirational and can bring an element of excitement and anticipation to the event.

Here are a few examples of the types of speakers available:

  • General Speaker – It probably goes without saying that a general speaker is going to deliver a broad, generalised result. This is desirable when you are working with a large audience with attendees numbering in the thousands. However, if you are attempting to generate a specific response—such as signing up new members or selling a product—then a generalist is probably not what you want.
  • Executive – Having one of your company’s corporate executives deliver the address can be powerful, because it conveys to the audience that this event is important. The attendees will then feel more important as a result. If you don’t feel comfortable having this person give the primary address, consider scheduling them to give a follow-up to the keynote.
  • Industry Guru – This is going to be an expert in a particular field, often with a technological bent. They’ll be able to inform your audience about current trends and projected future developments, which is why gurus and tech experts are highly sought-after for keynote speaking in Australia and elsewhere.

By engaging the right keynote speaker, you could completely revamp the tone and potential of your event. Whomever you choose to book, be sure to impress upon them how important this occasion is for your company or organisation. With a carefully chosen speaker and the right amount of preparation, your upcoming event could be an enormous success.