Differences Between Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing

Differences Between Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing

The difficulties in finding employment in times of crisis have made the whole enterprise has won among the possibilities that open up the face of unemployment. What in other times it was seen by many as an unrealistic quest, has been coated with a varnish glamorous opportunities through internet. Now it called to undertake. And it is fashionable.

Crowdfunding to All Entrepreneurs

One of the best tools that the new technologies have given to entrepreneurs, always choked with economic and with a particularly complicated picture limitations due to the constraints of financial institutions to make loans, is crowdfunding, translatable term as collective financing and we have already spoken here.

Less widespread, but closely linked to the previous, crowdsourcing, which is usually translated as collective supply, open collaboration or open outsourcing tasks etymologically comes from the crowd and sourcing (source) or outsourcing (external resources) appear – a practice that is gaining force either as part of a collective project financing or as an independent activity.

Crowdsourcing or Outsourcing Tasks

Crowdsourcing is an interesting tool to outsource tasks and work through communities of specialized professionals through open tender. It presents several advantages besides the reduction of costs, as collecting many ideas, many of them valuable, promoting the brand itself or networking.

Here, instead of participating in the project economically, the investor works by other resources, such as time or labor. And, as with monetary participation, receives consideration: gifts, incentives or rebates, micro-economic or social recognition or promote their services. Ideally, as in all actions of the collaborative economy it is that both sides get some kind of benefit sharing.

Make no mistake, this is not, as some people think wrongly, to take advantage of free services, but to establish a working relationship that can be solved with a financial reward or other collaborations.

As explained in the Crowdfunding platform when launching a crowdfunding campaign it is advisable detail in the business plan which items will be aimed at the recruitment and an estimate of the economic cost that would entail done-and which will be taken into account when calculating data as return on investment or the viability of the project.

The other leg of crowdsourcing is the platforms that serve as liaisons between users who have specific and freelance professionals who offer their services on a budget, widespread in the areas of marketing and design.

Still others stretch the concept and under the term crowdsourcing social encompass all types of actions to interact with the consumer closer to the user, ideas, knowledge and opinions and engage the audience. Even they talk of a trend in marketing strategies: externalizing a problem and see the audience in search of solutions.