Design A Killer Logo

Though the logo design process can be tedious and frustrating at times, but it’s an exciting phase in the launch and growth of your business. A good logo will help establish your brand, give customers and clients a visual image by which to remember you and give your business a polished and professional look. But, how can you know what to expect during your logo design journey? These five tips will help you prepare for and get through the logo design process.

1. Find the Right Design Company.

A professional logo should be designed by a professional logo design company. While there are many opportunities to cut corners and save a few dollars, your logo design should not be one of them. Investing in a professionally designed custom logo is essential for having your business be taken seriously. A good logo will last forever, so it’s definitely worth the upfront investment. Avoid a logo company or independent designer that works from pre-made templates, as this could leave your logo looking much too similar to another business’s logo.

2. Choose your Logo Type.

Before you can begin designing your logo, you have to choose whether you want a logo with just words, or a logo that combines words with images or graphics. Logos that only use words are called type treatment logos. Type treatment logos are simple, clean and are typically less expensive to reproduce on t-shirts, mugs and company materials. Logos that use a graphic or icon in addition to text are called type mixed with image treatments. These logos typically begin by using the logo or graphic along with simple typography. Many type mixed with image treatments eventually drop the words and just use the icon, like Apple or Microsoft.

3. Start with Pencil and Paper.

Like most good ideas, logos typically start with just a pencil and paper. You can work with your logo design company on some preliminary pencil and paper sketches or you can design some of your own and show them to your designer. Sketching on pencil and paper allows you to explore ideas and shapes in way a computer doesn’t allow. Once you have a few designs that you like on paper, you can start to transfer these ideas to a computer.

4. Choose Typography and Color.

Once you have a design or two that you like, adding in typography and color will start to bring your logo to life. You can play with different colors and typography until you find one that best fits your brand. Researching color psychology will help you choose colors that best represent your company’s brand and overall purpose. Your design company will help guide you in the direction of a typography that accurately represents your business. You can research the types of fonts your competitors or other businesses in your industry are using at sites like Brandsoftheworld or Veer.

5. Review, Revise and Give Final Approval.

Don’t approve your logo until you have a design that you absolutely love. Revisions are a normal part of the logo design process. If the first, second or third logo proofs aren’t perfect, don’t become frustrated. Communicate with your designer, provide feedback and keep working until you have your dream logo.
The process of designing your logo is an exciting opportunity. Do your research, choose a good company and be patient with the design process. It’s an exciting journey – and one that will eventually define your business.