Corporate Clothing Printers – Why It Pays To Go Pro

To the average individual, the subject of corporate clothing is probably about as uninteresting as it gets. For business owners on the other hand, there a few things that play a more direct role in brand establishment and promotion than the garments and accessories worn by the workforce. The fact that so many brands and businesses the world over can be immediately identified simply by the clothing worn by employees highlights just how powerful corporate clothing can be.  Something as simple as a logo, company initial or even a familiar colour combination can be all it takes to transform the workforce into a living, breathing, brand-marketing machine.

Corporate Clothing Printers – Why It Pays To Go Pro

With so much riding on the impact and appeal of the corporate clothing chosen, it simply makes sense to work with the professionals. According to the experts at DTG Printing UK, it very rarely works out in the best interests of any business of any size and in any capacity to take care of its own garment printing/processing in-house. Some instinctively assume that to involve third-party printing providers is unnecessary, but when fully considering the benefits of going pro, it all begins to make a great deal more sense.

1 – The Right Impression

For example, it is absolutely imperative that the corporate garments in question are not only printed to the highest possible quality standard, but are themselves high quality garments. The reason being that in so many instances, it is the garments worn by the workforce that will give members of your target audience their first impression about you as a business. The power and impact of first impressions really does not need to be explained – suffice to say there’s much to be said for getting it right first time. There’s really very little more off-putting than a team of workers in second-rate garments and uniforms that have clearly been thrown together for pennies.

2 – A Lasting Impression

But of course it isn’t only initial impressions that count as you also need to factor in the way your staff/workforce will be presented long-term. It’s all well and good to invest in a shipment of shiny-new corporate garments that really look the part, but it’s something else entirely to choose garments that are built to last. The very nature of corporate clothing means that it will no doubt be subjected to relatively rough treatment on a day to day basis, not to mention being put through washing and drying processes almost non-stop. It’s unsurprising therefore that low-quality corporate garments begin to fade, fray and generally fall apart long before their time. And when this happens, it doesn’t exactly convey your brand as a whole in a positive manner.

3 – Consistent Quality

Quality consistency must also be taken into account as when it comes to these kinds of bulk orders, it’s crucial that every item be of an identical standard. Not only this, but when placing repeat orders in the future for additional garments, it’s again crucial that they be manufactured and supplied identical to those already in use. It’s never particularly encouraging to see a workforce sporting uniforms where practically every last garment looks somewhat different to the next. From the quality of the garments themselves to printing techniques to colour-boldness and so on, these all tend to be exactly the kinds of simple considerations that add up to the most enormous of differences.

4 – Sheer Convenience

On a slightly different side of the argument, it’s always worth considering the fact that while DIY garment printing and processing projects are possible, it doesn’t mean they are in any way convenient. Quite to the contrary in fact as it isn’t until you actually try your hand at garment printing on such a scale that the true complexities of getting the job done right become apparent. It’s something of a trial and error process that takes a long time to become proficient at and even longer to master. As such, given the fact that you undoubtedly have far more important things in which to invest your time, leaving the job to the professionals once again makes perfect sense.

5 – Significant Savings

Last but not least, it’s common for professional corporate garment printing services to be written off as unnecessary expenses, though things can often work out quite to the contrary. The reason being that when you consider the initial setup costs and the on-going expenses involved in manual garment printing, the resulting bill is guaranteed to be exponentially higher than sourcing from third parties. From the printers themselves to the various peripherals and printing supplies required, it is anything but cheap to get things up and running in the first place. And when you factor in the inevitable repairs, maintenance and replacement costs along with manpower required to get the job done, there is simply no comparing the two options when it comes to value for money.