Best Electrical Products For The Best Functioning Of Industries

For any industry, its electrical network is just like its lifeline. It is responsible to supply regular and appropriate power supply to all the machines running in an industry. If the electrical system of an industry fails, there is no chance that an industry can work at all. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to take extra care of the industrial electrical networks and its components.

When we are talking about care of industrial electrical networks, the first thing to remember is that we should use the best available quality of products and electrical components for our high voltage electrical system. If you choose lower quality of components, they might not be able to last longer and start causing breakdowns and other problems in very short interval of time. Lower quality products also need more maintenance than high quality products. On the other hand, higher quality products last for a long time and deliver better function and performance without needing much maintenance. Better quality products are also good for your industrial safety.

In industries, cable terminals are made extensively to redistribute the power supply to different sections of the industry. With such heavy and long cables, the cable terminals become very weak and can collapse due to the heavy stress on them. For this purpose, cable termination kits are used. These termination kits provide a tight seal around the terminals that not only eliminate the extra stress but also help in protecting the terminals from outer effects such as weather, rust, chemicals, pollution, etc.

Compaq is a major electrical components manufacturer offering wide range of high quality electrical products including heat shrinkable and cold shrink cable termination kits. The termination kits offered by Compaq are made from very high quality materials and ready to protect the terminals from the extreme working conditions. They can work under very high working loads starting from 3Kv to 36Kv.

Technical Specifications

Text description Requirements` GTP values
    12KV 24KV 36KV
A.C Voltage withstand test ( Dry ) 5 minutes at 4.5 U0 35KV 58KV 86KV
A.C Voltage Withstand test (Wet) 1 minutes at 4.5 U0 30KV 51KV 76KV
D.C Voltage Withstand test 15 minutes at 4 U0 48KV 96KV 144KV
Partial discharge test 10 Pc Max. at 1.73 U0 <5 Pc upto 12.7 KV <5 Pc up to  25 KV <5 Pc up to 33 KV
Impulse Voltage withstand test 10 impulse each polarity at 75KV 95KV 125KV 170KV
Thermal Short Circuit (Screen) Two short circuit &  no visible deterioration Even confirm to more straight condition
Thermal Short Circuit (Conductor ) Two short circuit &  no visible deterioration Even confirm to more straight condition
Dynamic Short Circuit One short circuit &  no visible deterioration Even confirm to more straight condition
Humidity Test 300 hours at 1.25 U0 Passes
Salt Fog Test 100 hours at 1.25 U0 Passes


With so many high quality products, Compaq has become the best solution for electrical needs of many Indian and international clients.

Author’s Bio: The author is an electrical engineer and loves to write technical articles for compaqinternational about cold shrink cable termination kits. His job is to provide useful information about various products to the customers through his articles.