A Brief Comparison Of Different Construction Management Softwares

A Brief Comparison Of Different Construction Management Softwares

Selecting the perfect ERP software for your construction company can be a tiresome task. The ERP software you intend on implementing must be able to integrate and provide solutions to all your business operations. Different ERP softwares are built to suit the needs of different line of businesses.

For instance, the ERP software for builders and the ERP software for real estate companies have a different set of functionalities to suit their needs.

Here is comparison of a few top construction management software providers:

  • Epicor – One of the most sought after ERP software solution providers in the market today is Epicor. This software manages tasks of supply chain management, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and it comes with several add on features such as CRM, QPM and PLM too. The specialty of this software is that it can be used locally or on a cloud. Furthermore, the software can be customized according to the requirements of the client company.
  • Maestro – This particular software is specially designed for heavy work construction companies. It basically deals with time scheduling, project management, equipment cost and management. It can also be integrated with Microsoft Office.
  • Penta construction ERP – This software targets medium to large scale constructional engineering companies. It is developed for multi-location, labor intensive industrial contractors. Penta excels in document management and accounting regardless of the industry it is implemented in. Penta is one of the most popular construction ERP softwares.
  • Vista(by viewpoint) – This construction software also targets mid-sized to large construction and engineering companies. The software finds its application in accounting services. Other added features are mobile site management, bid management and tools for estimation. This software can be easily plugged in with RFI’s, change orders, and payment plans.
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL – It is not exactly a constructional ERP software but the modules can be customized to focus on project management, construction-specific accounting and estimations.
  • Buildermax ERP – A leading construction management software provider in the market. This software software aims at integrating and automating tasks and sub-tasks of the construction process. The software automates and manages CRM, project management, finance and account management and even quality check. Comprehensive, innovative, affordable and user friendly, this ERP software ensures that all the management needs of your construction business are taken care of efficiently. The central repository for data enables builders to handle several ongoing projects easily and without confusion.

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