7 Easy Ways To Make Automate Windows Tasks Faster!

7 Easy Ways To Make Automate Windows Tasks Faster!

When you purchase a new PC, you are fascinated by the processing speed and the advanced versions of the programs it comes with. Gradually with time, it begins to lose its original speed and takes time to operate  and download the files. This can be frustrating as  you lose precious hours waiting for the programs to initiate.

There are some general reasons behind the slow speed of the Windows which you are not aware of and why your Windows requires overhauling to Automate Windows Tasks You need  to fix these issues as discussed below so that your PC does not suffer from slow speed.

Following are the easy ways to automate windows tasks faster :

Uninstall Programs: Many files and programs are downloaded on the PC which lie unused since long and are nothing but a waste-bag taking up unnecessary space in your Windows.. The first you need to do is to uninstall all such programs and files that are of no use. TO uninstall: Click on Control Panel > Click on Uninstall and Select the unused programs to make your Windows free from clutter. If you are not certain on how to uninstall, you can download a PC cleaner and optimize your system without any risks involved.

Erase Temporary Files:Temporary files are created by your computer in the form of browser history files, cache and other files. These take up a lot of space on your hard disk for no reason. These files should be automatically be deleted from the system once you close the browser but that does not happen. Such files can be safely removed by:  Go to C Drive >Temp files > Select Delete. f you are not acquainted with this process, clear the clutter by CleanMyPC and improve the speed of Windows.

Disk Derangement:Disk defragmenter is a tool that arranges all your  files neatly in sequence. Consequently, it is easy to access the files and efficiently manage the space on the hard disk. Defragment your system weekly and your PC will regain its speed automatically. Keep the PC defragmenter default mode switched on  position so that it can automatically keep the system updated.

Manage Automatic Applications Launcher:When you start the PC, multiple programs launch automatically acquiring all the  background utilities which hampers the speed of your PC. Manage your PC’s automatic applications launcher: Click on the Start-up tab > In programs and utilities > Disable the applications that you recognize and don’t use. Make sure you don’t disable unrecognized programs as it can trouble your PC.

Run Anti-Virus:Malware attacks the Windows and hampers not just the speed of the Windows but its other programs remarkably. In case of a possible or persistent malware attack,  running an antivirus program is a good idea. It can help your PC get rid of the junk created by the malware.

Application Bug:Google Chrome is notoriously known to degrade the speed of the PC on low end systems. Switching to Firefox or Opera can help you experience the change.

Tone Down Graphics:If you are facing problems with the speed, disable few graphics which is marring the speed of PC. Many high resolution graphics  slow down the app

Conclusion:These are the 7 easy ways to make automate windows tasks faster optimizing the speed of Windows. You can use either of the tasks or all methods to Automate Windows Tasks and improve the efficiency of the PC.