6 Maintenance Tasks That Will Bring You Big Bucks When Selling Your Home – Property Records Inc.

When selling a home some sellers will get too comfortable and neglect routine maintenance tasks, this is more common with vacant houses. Basic maintenance will make or break a deal when it comes to some buyers; here are 6 maintenance tasks that will make your wallet happy by the professionals at Property Records Inc.

Maintenance Task #1 – Be Sure to Keep Up the Front Yard and Walkways

The first impression is everything, the first thing potential homebuyers see the is the front yard; make sure to keep the landscape tidy. Rake leaves, remove dead tree limbs and clean out flowerbeds. 

Consider having sprinklers on timers so the grass doesn’t die and the trees will continue to grow. The best time to set the sprinklers is at night or early in the morning. Make sure the sprinklers run enough water if your water too lightly the grassroots will not grow deep enough.

Maintenance Task #2 – Maintain Your Roof and Clean Your Gutters

Something small like neglecting your gutters will cause a serious domino effect when it comes to your roof. Overflowing gutters can lead to draining issues, which can damage your foundation. Foundation problems are one of the most expensive maintenance a homeowner will have. 

Cracks on the roof can also cause water damage and rotting of the foundation joint.

Maintenance Task #3 – Keep Critters Out

Inspect the inside and out to check if any areas need to be plugged up. Rodents will enter your home from small holes you might have in your walls. Cracks on walls will welcome insects like roaches, bees, grasshoppers, hornets, and even ticks.

Raccoons, possums, and the four-legged stink bombs known as skunks will easily take shelter in your garage or basement. For bigger animals like these make sure to hire a professional to trap them and transport them elsewhere.

Maintenance Task #4 – Keep Your Windows Nice and Clean 

This might seem like an obvious task but you’ll be surprised how many people skip this one. If your house is on the market, it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, you need to get your windows squeaky clean. Just like the lawn first impressions are crucial. 

If you have old or damaged window screens make sure to replace them or even remove them completely. Make sure to wipe them down after a bad storm, when they’re especially likely to show muck and grime buildup.

Maintenance Task #5 – Keep Up to Date With Your Air Conditioning and Heating

From HVAC systems to chimneys, keep them up to date. No one wants to live in a house where the air conditioning doesn’t run in the summer and the heater doesn’t work in the winter. 

An easy way to keep up-to-date with your HVAC system is to clean and or replace old filters. This will prevent buyers from having an allergic reaction from all the dust that’s been building up over the years. 

TIP: When potential buyers are viewing the house make sure to have the thermostat at a comfortable temperature so that agents and buyers are comfortable when visiting your property.

Staying on top of these tasks will make it much easier to sell your home; it will also keep you from doing preventable repairs in the future. Plus, it’ll preserve the value of your property for longer and it will bring you more back in your investment.