5 Ways To Boost Your Online & Mobile Business Presence

5 Ways To Boost Your Online & Mobile Business Presence

It is no secret that being relevant online has become a critically important task for business today. If you want to succeed you need to tap into all of those eyes viewing smartphones and laptops every day. There are several important ways to become more accessible and relevant to the consumer and a few of the best routes to take are listed here.

Utilize MMS and SMS Text Messaging

Sending your customers texts or getting them to contact you via text is a crucial lifeline in developing a consumer relationship. This can be as simple as developing a “call-to-action,” utilizing a QR code or running a text-only drawing for prizes. This will allow you to grow your database of cell numbers if you want to run a promo and it allows new customers to “dip their toes in the water” of your services without committing to a downloadable app.

Create an App

There is a constant saying nowadays which claims, “there is an app for that,” and it very well may be true. Many businesses have realized the value of creating a downloadable app to peddle their services to those who are glued to their mobile device screens. Apps allow an easy way for individuals to do a variety of things including: buying items, ordering pizza or even managing their budget. This is a great option for loyal customers who want an easier way to access your services on a regular basis.

Have an Easily Navigable Webpage

One of the biggest roadblocks on your trip to mobile success is a poorly managed webpage. This is the 21st century and consumers have come to expect sleek, streamlined looks online as well as off. Hire a professional photographer and have your website managed by a specialist. There are fewer things that say “dated business model” more than an ancient website or no website at all.

Offer Online Orders, Reservations and Other Services

Convenience is definitely key in this modern society of instant gratification; consumers need to be able to access your services quickly, easily and 24 hours a day. Making it only possible to make reservations or place orders during business hours on a weekday will severely limit your clientele. Increase your revenue by making it easy for customers to understand pricing, availability and options online; having a customer wait until business hours may cause them to change their minds about a purchase.

Utilize Search Engine Optimization

A handy tool in the modern age of computers is Search Engine Optimization. By simply hiring a company to “promote” your business online, you can increase visibility on search engine pages and often be viewed in the first page of rankings. If your business is constantly relegated to the 4th page, very few customers will look that far to find your hidden gem and you will go underutilized.