5 Reasons why you should Hire a Facilities Management Company

As the business world becomes increasingly competitive, senior leaders are making tough decisions in order to increase competitiveness and profitability. One of those decisions is to replace cleaners, security guards, and other workers with a facilities management firm who can deliver the services required at a reduced cost. Below, we speak to Precision Facilities Management, one of the best UK facilities management companies, about reasons why…

Scale as your Business Grows

“Perhaps one of the most attractive benefits for businesses of all shapes and sizes is that facilities management companies scale with you. Rather than having to sign up for a service that might be redundant in six months, you can pick and choose the services you need to be managed – whether that’s cleaning, grounds maintenance or hard facilities management – as and when you need them. And as you continue to expand your business, your management team will be able to increase its service level, without causing delays or distractions to you.”

Expert Assistance from Day One

“Finding talent to manage your facilities is easier said than done. Particularly in lower-paid roles, like cleaning and security guarding, employee turnover can be high, no matter how much training and development you offer. With a facilities management company, you gain access to first-class talent from day one, and you can bypass the traditionally stressful and expensive recruitment process. You don’t have to worry about advertising roles, training up new staff, and handling their day-to-day employment. Outsourcing takes away the stress.”

Gives Staff Added Peace of Mind

“One reason why our facilities management service is so popular amongst retail businesses is that we boast a comprehensive security offering. From installing CCTV cameras through to manned guarding and 24/7/365 call-outs, which gives staff and senior management added peace of mind. If ever they need assistance – including during unprecedented periods like the coronavirus pandemic and its associated complications – a facilities management team will be there to assist, ultimately protecting staff and ensuring they’re comfortable at work.”

Increases Efficiency and Reduces Waste

“Inefficiencies in the workplace go far beyond excess personnel – if your processes and equipment are out of date, you can impact productivity massively. Facilities management is designed to save you time and reduce your costs, by maintaining and replacing equipment and processes as and when necessary. Rather than choosing a surface-level company to manage your security and cleaning, a facilities manager will deliver the “whole package”.

Helps you Optimise your Space

“Finally, in today’s cutthroat times, optimising your space will become even more important. A good facilities management company will recognise the actual available space in your office, factory, or retail outlet and optimise it to increase productivity or drive sales. On its own, space optimisation can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming, but when it’s bundled as part of your facilities management, it’s cost-effective and a wise investment.”

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