The Living Legend Of Lebanon

Mohamed Hamdoun is the name people will remember forever because he is the person who is contributing the most in the development of “after war Lebanon”. Although the war happened in Syria but being a neighbouring country, Lebanon is affected the most. The shopping centres, apartments and offices or better say, the overall economy is disturbed. Now, the country has chance to start again and the good thing is that people like Hamdoun are helping it to recover at astounding rate. If we look at the city of Beirut only, the residential buildings, shopping malls and other properties are being constructed at an amazing pace and the person who is helping the most is Mohamed Hamdoun. Maximum of those projects are designed by “Archistyle & Design” which is under his ownership.

A Man Of Reliability

If he is getting so many projects, there might be some reason behind it. Yes, it is the reliability factor. He is the most reliable architect and designer of present time. He can always be trusted for the great work and especially on time. It is like a season for malls in the middle east and some of them are opening in Beirut. There is no doubt that Hamdoun is the architect of them. This type of trust is not gained in a year or two. From the 50 years of his life, most of his time was dedicated to designing and architectural work. From the early schooling days, he was very proficient in designing and when he grew up, he followed his dream and studied architect and design engineering at AUB. So, this excellence is the result of so many years of hard work and intellect.

A Dream To Make Beirut “Paris Of Middle East” Again

It’s not long before when Beirut was called as “Paris Of Middle East”. The unstable management and recent episodes of war in the neighbouring nation have deteriorated the nation much but Hamdoun is working to make it “Paris Of Middle East” again. The man is working to revive the heritage sites of country, especially Beirut. Recently he is related with the skyscraper behind the Beit Beirut. The government is considering restoration of many heritage buildings and Beit Beirut is one amongst them. No doubt, Mohamed Hamdoun is the prime consultant in the list. The projects designed by him are safe to execute and financial authorities also approve them without any objection. He says that, “We should not wait for the good days to come, we should make the days good”. These are really inspiring words from a great human being.

His work, his thoughts, his attitude answer all those who doubt him. There is no reason why growing architects and entrepreneurs should not look to him for inspiration. The legends like Hamdoun are not born every day and not everyone has the guts to serve the country in a unique way. The People of Lebanon feel proud when they live through the works of Mohamed Hamdoun.

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