Lacar Musgrove

How the Greatest Freak Shows on Earth Came to Be

How the Greatest Freak Shows on Earth Came to Be

American Black Ops Radio

According to St. Augustine, all lies are bad, but some are less bad than others. Helpful!

50 Shades of a Lie

Lies are in the eyes

When Lying is Not so Normal

Lies. They surround us

Anatomy of a Lie

Lacar Musgrove

Lacar Musgrove is a writer and historian who lives in New Orleans. She holds a BA in English from Boston University, an MFA in creative writing, and an MA in history, both from the University of New Orleans. She is the world’s leading expert on late 19th century cycling clubs in New Orleans and is not entirely sure how she became that. She, her two dogs, and one cat are the current occupants of a century-old shotgun house that she hopes to finish painting before she dies and intends to haunt either way. When she isn’t writing or painting the house, she helps to build increasingly surreal Carnival floats and waits for excuses to wear costumes. When she grows up, she’d like to be an old lady who plays cards and drinks gin with other old ladies on a porch, taking occasional trips to town to shoplift.

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