Eliza Smith

Aphrodite's affairs and the English language

Aphrodite’s Affairs and the Love Children That Inspired English

Voice Recognition Tech Knows You Better Than Your Therapist

Voice Recognition Tech Knows You Better Than Your Therapist

What exactly is that inner voice inside your head?

What Is That Inner Voice Inside My Head When I Think?

Sleep Deprivation can kill

Sleep Deprivation Can Actually Kill You and Others

Factorialist: Quest for immortality and the cryogenics

The Human Quest to Understand Immortality

Eliza Smith

Eliza Smith is a writer, geologist, and travel blogger with an unashamedly large rock collection and a fondness for cheese and cheap red wine. After graduating from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Science with Honours in geology, she worked for two years as an exploration geologist in remote Western Australia and then embarked on a year of backpacking adventures. She flew over the bubbling caldera of an active volcano in Hawaii, kissed the legendary Blarney Stone atop a crumbling castle in Ireland, drank a sensible single stein of beer at Germany’s Oktoberfest (ha!) and relaxed in a hot tub with frozen hair in Iceland. Now she’s about to start a PhD in her home city of Perth, motivated only partly by getting the title of doctor. In her spare time Eliza enjoys reading popular science, singing into her hairbrush and writing about herself in third person.

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